Monday, July 11, 2016

Review of Not Quite A Duke by Eva Devon

Book #6 of The Duke's Club Series is a beautiful, deeply emotional story of two people who both hid there true self from the world and the people who loved them.  If you have read any of the Series you will recognize Lord Charles, brother of The Duke of Hunt (Dreaming of The Duke).  Lord Charles has a reputation as a wild reckless Lord who whores, drinks and gambles to excess.  Only his family knows that he suffers from dark periods of depression just like his father did before him.  But even his family does not know what actually happened when his father died.  He has kept the secret from everyone.

Lady Patience is a spinster who is hiding her own secret that could ruin her life and make her an outcast. Charles and Patience meet when he comes to inspect a property that he won in a game of cards.  When Charles realizes that he would be taking away this young lady's home he decides to find another solution. They are instantly attracted to each other.  But will Charles find out her secret and expose her and will Patience have the strength to help Charles when he finds himself falling into the abyss of blackness that has been with him for as long.

This is a lovely story that exposes the depths and many layers of how life experiences shape and make Charles and Patience who they are.  There is sadness, guilt, redemption and mostly Love.  Eva is excellent at making her readers really feel what her characters are going through.  I loved this story and know that if you are a fan you will love it too.

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