Thursday, August 11, 2016

ARC Review of If I Only Had A Duke by Lenora Bell

The second book in The Disgraceful Dukes Series is as sinful and exciting as the first in the Series, "How The Duke Was Won" (see my review on this blog).  

Lenora knows how to craft a wonderful tale of a Duke who hides his true self behind a facade of the decadent rake and the debutante who is a disaster in Society who hides her passion and strength.

Thea has a plan to get back to her aunt's cottage in Ireland where she can be herself and not ever have to worry about what other people think of her.  She has no plans to get married.  Her passion is finding lost paintings from female artists and introducing them to the world.  All she has to do is not to call attention to herself and she will packed off back to Ireland.  But you know what they say about best laid plans.  She didn't count on one stubborn, irritating Duke.

Dalton, the Duke of Osborne is hiding his true self behind a mask of ennui and lechery.  He has dedicated his life searching for the bastard that killed his younger brother because of his father's crimes.   He has to reverse the wrongs done by his profligate father who ruined many families and stop young bucks from bankrupting their legacy's. He has no time for a virginal young lady who wants, of all things to examine old paintings in the attic of his estate in Ireland.  He has vowed never to go back to the place of his younger brothers death. 

I really enjoyed the lively banter between Dalton and Thea.  Both strong characters that believe that the life they have planned for themselves is the correct one.  They are so wrong!!!  The adventure that takes them to Ireland is thrilling with lots of funny moments and witty banter.   Very steamy love scenes and a truly profound and captivating love story make this a must read for any Historical Romance fan.

Received complimentary copy from publisher for an honest reveiw.

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