Thursday, August 18, 2016

ARC Review of Mad For The Plaid by Karen Hawkins

Whenever you read a Karen Hawkins book you can count on being entertained by a witty, fast paced story that will capture your heart.  Her words flow smoothly with lots of fun, laughter and a great sensual love 
story.  This is the fourth book in The Oxenburg Princes.  The first three were amazing (The Prince Who Loved Me,  The Prince and I, and The Princess Word Plaid) and this one is no different.

This story starts off with Prince Nikolai Romanovin of Oxenburg and Lady Alisa Mackenzie corresponding with each other while his Grandmother is in Scotland visiting an old friend and needs a trunk that apparently was not where it should be. The back and forth in this correspondence is hysterical and sets the tone for their future together.

When his Grandmother is kidnapped from Lady Alisa's home she notifies Nik that she is going to pay the ransom and she would let him know when his Grandmother is safe.  There is no way that Nik is going to stand by and let a woman he doesn't know recover his Grandmother.  He shows up at the home of Alisa's and the fireworks begin.

On their journey they come to know each other and find that they cannot keep their hands off each other. Nik is mystified about his attraction to Alisa and they both know that when his Grandmother is safe he has to go back to being a Prince and return to his country.  Even though Alisa tells herself that a future with Nik is impossible she falls in love with him.  Will she live her life in Scotland without her Prince,  keeping her love for him a secret?  Will Nick decide that Alisa is strong enough to handle the intrigue and constant demands of being married to Royalty?  Oh and don't forget Nik's Grandmother the Duchess Natasha, she will play a major role in what happens.

I have always loved Karen's writing and look forward impatiently for her next book.  Do not miss Karen's newest (dare I say) masterpiece!

Received a complimentary copy from the publisher for an honest review.

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