Sunday, August 7, 2016

Review of The Scoundrel & I by Katharine Ashe

Being a big fan of Katharine's novels  I always anticipate that I will enjoy her books and this novella is another wonderful addition to her Historical Romance collection.

This story is a different take on the first meeting  in that the hero, Captain Anthony Masinter doesn't realize he has met the woman that will change his life and all Gabrielle Flood knows is that a stupid, careless man has cost her the job she loves and the means to help take care of her elderly grandmother.

Anthony Masinter, formerly of Her Majesty's Navy is weighed down with guilt over the death of his First Officer and is determined to offer himself on the altar of matrimony to take care of the widow and children.
He joined the Navy to get away from the family that made him feel insignificant and dumb.  He hid his most shameful secret all his life.

Gabrielle has been the sole support of her grandmother by working in a print shop.  She works hard and doesn't have much to show for it.  But she will do everything she can to make her grandmother's last days as happy as she can.   Running in Anthony Masinter puts her whole world in jeopardy and she has to find a way to correct her error before her employer returns from his holiday.  When Anthony finds out what he has set in motion he will not rest until he can make sure that Gabrielle is safe and secure.

Gabrielle wants nothing to do with him but Anthony will not take no for an answer and the sparks start to fly.
This is a lovely novella that tells the an orginal story that will lift your spirits and make you smile.  Anthony has never met anyone like Gabrielle and even though she knows his darkest secret she still cannot seem to stay away from him.

Katharine's novels are so well crafted and a joy to read that you will not want it to end.  I loved it!
Katharine crafts a wonderful novella that anyone who loves a divine Historical Romance will enjoy.


  1. Lovely review, Jaci. I've just downloaded it. 😊

  2. Thanks Carol, I know you will love it!!