Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review of When a Girl Loves an Earl by Elisa Braden

Another amazing Historical Romance by Elisa Braden.  I have been looking forward to Tannenbrook's story. This is the fifth book in the A Rescued from Ruin Novel series.  If you have read the previous four books in the series you will be love this book and if you are new to Elisa's writing you will be addicted to her beautiful love stories.  You can enjoy this book as a stand alone, but beware , once you read one of Elisa's stories you will heading over to your preferred book seller to get the rest of the series.

James Kilbrenner is the son of a blacksmith in Scotland who is learning the trade of stone mason and is ready to ask his sweetheart, the daughter of a dairy farmer to marry him.  Then a visit from a gentleman from London changes Jamie's life and tears him away from his love.  He is now the Earl of Tannenbrook and must leave the life that he has always known to take up the responsibilities of the Earldom.  He begs his sweetheart to wait for him and once he is in London writes to her every chance he gets.  When he finally is able to return it has been over a year.  He is devastated to learn that she has married someone else.  When he goes to see her she tells him that she had to marry him because she was with child and that Jamie's son had died days later of a fever.  James is wracked with sorrow and guilt and returns to London vowing never to marry and sire children. 

Viola Darling is a beautiful young lady who has turned down more marriage proposals than she can count and is despaired of ever finding someone she can love.  Then one day her best friend tells her a story about a gentleman who defended her honor at a soiree by lifting the scoundrel by his cravat with one hand and slamming him against a wall.  Viola is intrigued and plans on meeting this honorable gentleman for herself. When she meets James her physical response is immediate and thrilling.  He is not classically handsome but he is big and powerful  and she decides that she wants him and will do anything to get him.  Only James seems to be able to resist her.  Just her luck that the one man she is intensely attracted to wants nothing to to with her when she usually has to fight men off with a stick.

So begins the adventure of James and Viola.  I loved the way Elisa turned the plot around and had the woman chasing after the man.  Especially since he is a big strapping Scot who runs the other way every time he sees the beautiful Viola.  I laughed, I cried and enjoyed this immensely and you will too.  Do not hesitate, buy this book if you love a beautiful love story.  

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