Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ARC Review of Dressed to Kiss by Madeline Hunter, Caroline Linden, Megan Frampton and Myretta Robens

A new Anthology from three of my favorite authors and one new author that I have never read before.  This is four separate stories of a Madame Follette's Dress Shop in London.  This is a fairly new concept in Historical Romance where different authors contribute a story that connects the characters in all four stories.
What is great about this is that you do not have to wait two years to read the sequel to a book where you really like the secondary characters because they are in the next story.  

For the price of one book you get amazing stories with their own hero and heroine.   

In "The Duke's Dressmaker", Madeline Hunter tells the tale of a woman who was wronged and misjudged by a Duke.  When said Duke enters Madame Follett's with his young sister-in-law he cannot believe his eyes.  It is the woman that tried to trap his younger brother in marriage.  Selina Fontaine is has finally found a place where she can do what she loves and the Duke can ruin all with just one word.  She never expects that he has no intention of destroying her security.  They are immediately attracted to each other and then the sparks fly.  This is quintessential Madeline.  Witty, sexy and a breathtaking love story with remarkable characters.

"A Fashionable Affair" by Caroline Linden tells the story of the lady who runs the shop.  She has taken over for her mother, Madame Follette and is trying to make it a success again.  But Felicity Dawkins has a bigger problem.  The Earl of Carmarthen has bought all the shops on the street and plans to demolish the whole block and Felicity isn't going to sell.  Felicity proposes a bargain with the Earl that she feels is fair to both parties.  Only spending time together has different consequences that neither has foreseen.  Caroline has done it again.  Her writing is amazing, scandalous and a joy to read. 

"No Accounting for Love" by Megan Frampton is the story of the brother of Felicity, Henry Dawkins who does the books at the shop.  Katharine Grant is a companion is to spoiled young lady who drags Katharine to the dress shop just so she can show Henry and she has grown up and is a beautiful young lady now. Only Henry doesn't notice her at all, he cannot take his eyes off Katharine.  Henry is a very handsome giant of a man.  He has always been self conscious of his size but when he meets the pocket size venus he is entranced and will do anything to make her his for the rest of his life.  Megan always tugs at my heart in her stories. Her writing touches me and her characters are beautiful and the love story alluring.

"The Colors of Love" by Myretta Robens is a new author to me.  I enjoyed the story she wrote for this book.  The plot being that an Aristocratic Gentleman using a pseudonym to write a column on fashion. When he sees a lady dressed in a ridiculously colorful ensemble at a soriee he is determined to find the dressmaker who made the dress and what her motive was for making a fool out of a Lady.  The hero and heroine, Simon and Delyth are delightful characters.  Delyth is flashy and vibrant and she pulls Simon into her world of color and he finds that he likes her prespective.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

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