Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review of If The Rogue Fits by Eva Devon

This is the second book in the "Must Love Rogues" Series.  Everytime Eva releases another book she surpasses my expectations.  I absolutely loved the heroine Margaret!!   She might be my favorite that Eva has ever written.  She is a tough no nonsense kind of young lady.  She is no beauty, she knows this because her father and sister have told her all her adult life. The only reason a man would want to marry her is for her 80,000 pound dowry.  She still goes to Society events because her Father forces her.  He has dictated that her beautiful younger sister cannot marry until Margaret does.  So she attends and usually just finds a place out of the way where she can hide from the fortune hunters until it time to go home.

Lord William Deveraux, Earl of Carlyle needs a wife now!  His father bankrupted the Earldom before he died.  William spent the last 10 years traveling the globe so he would not have to be in the same country with his wastrel father.  When he asks a friend to show him to the richest girl in the room, he gets way more than he asked for. This young lady is a shrew and a man hater.  William cannot afford to be picky so he sets out to catch an heiress.

Margaret is hiding in the conservatory when the most beautiful man she had ever seen came in and was calling her name.  She tries to avoid him but he is presistent.  They wind up dancing and in an outright fashion she tells him that she knows he is only after her dowry.  Just like every other man.  She is supposed to believe this handsome Lord wants her not her money...Ha...she turns around and leaves him alone on the dance floor.  

This is the beginning of a journey of self discovery for both Margaret and William.  Eva delves into the heart of the characters, their weaknesses and strengths, and allows the reader to take the journey with them.  Her writing makes me laugh and cry.  Her secondary characters are remarkable and all deserve their own books.  If you never read one of her books, this is the one you should start with.


  1. Lovely review, Jaci. Eva's books are always must reads for me.