Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Review of Stolen Encounters With The Duchess by Julia Justiss

The second book in the Hadley's Hellions Series is an beautifully written love story.   David Smith is a Member of Parliament and a commoner.  Faith is the widowed Duchess of Ashedon.  They used to be friends a long time ago.  One evening David is walking home and comes across low born drunks acosting a woman.  He goes to the rescue and drives away the thugs.  To his surprise the Lady is Faith, the woman he fell in love with years ago before she married a Duke.  He has always loved her and until this encounter on the street he thought he had locked away his feelings for her so deep that they would never emerge again.

This is not the same lady he fell in love with.  She is still beautiful but she seems sad and alot more timid then he remembers.  Her abusive husband is dead but she is still under the thumb of her mother in law and does not want to do anything that would result in her losing custody of her three sons.  The minute she realizes that David has feelings for her she is intruigued and wants to feel alive again. Will they take the chance at happiness or will David's honor and Faith's fear keep them apart.

Julia truly touches her readers with her compelling stories that capture the nuances of the class differences that existed and her historical research is spot on. David and Faith are truly admirable and remarkable characters that make this book a must read for anyone who loves a divine love story.

Recieved a complimentary copy for an honest review.

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