Friday, September 16, 2016

Review of The Wild Duchess/The Willful Duchess by Renee Bernard

The first book in Renee's new Series "The Duchess Club" is a delightful surprise.  Scarlett and Starr are the twin daughters of Ashe and Caroline Blackwell who are the characters in the second book of the Jaded Series, "Seduction Wears Sapphires".  If you have read the books in the Jaded Series you know what an amazing series it is, if not, I would recommend reading the whole series.  You will not be disappointed!! This book is also an amazing stand alone book.

As young girls Scarlett, Starr and their friend Ivy (also daughter of The Jaded) form a Duchess Club,  which is just a cover for the real purpose of their alliance, which is to shake up the foundations of the world they live in and make a difference like their parents have.

When Scarlett and Starr make their debut, it does not go as they thought.  Scarlett is hiding in the Conservatory at the soiree crying because it is not going well at all.  Starr loses her Dance Card on purpose so she will not have to dance, she would rather be in the library reading a good book.  

While in the Conservatory Scarlett meets someone else who is hiding.  The Duke of Chesterton, Elgin York is a confirmed Bachelor who is over 50 and looking for someplace to hide from the matchmaking mamas that have been trying to marry him off for years.  He comes up with a great plan to help himself and Scarlett. Pretend that they are courting, this will give Scarlett the chance to develop her social skills and he can relax and not have to worry about being trapped into marriage.

The Duke of Stafford, Talon Rush is a good friend to Elgin York, and looks up to him like a Father.  When he hears that Elgin is courting a young lady he wants to make sure that Elgin is not being taken advantage of. He decides to pay a call on Scarlett and is stunned by her and instantly attracted to her.  He wants her for himself.

Meanwhile in the country the Duke of Chesterton's nephew and heir Ryder Maitland is on his way to London to stop his uncle from a grasping, title hunting harpy.  When he gets to London he immediately arrives at a soiree where his uncle is.  He locates the notorious gossip who wrote to his mother and asks her to point out the young Blackwell chit.  He confronts her and causes a scene that gets him hit in the face with a fan, only it's not Scarlett he insulted but her sister Starr.  When his uncle finds out what Ryder has done, he demands that Ryder apologize to Starr. 

There is so much to this book.  Renee will make you laugh and cry.  There is sadness and happiness.  A beautifully written plot that will take you on an adventure.  These stories are truly a stunning example of how Renee writes such captivating love stories.

Do not miss this.  I cannot wait for the next book.

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