Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review of Hero In The Highlands by Suzanne Enoch

Major Gabriel Forrester is a career soldier fighting the French since he was 17.  He is a genuine hero who puts himself in harms way to defeat the enemy and saving countless fellow soldiers.  He is summoned to meet with Wellington and given the news that he now the Duke of Lattimer.  He has no idea how to be a lord, especially a Duke.  He travels to London thinking he will just leave the Dukedom in the hands of his solicitor and go back to help defeat Napoleon.  Unfortunately the estate that he owns in Scotland is a money pit and he will have to go investigate himself.

When he arrives he discovers that a woman is running the estate.  Fiona is up to her neck in trouble.  The Duke of Lattimer has arrived and she has to placate him and get him to leave Scotland and go back to being a Soldier.  Incidents like 300 missing sheep, flooded fields, problems at the mill all add up to just keeping the estate from failing all together.  Fiona and her clansman have no use for a Sassenach until they realize that Gabriel is not leaving until he investigates all the incidents that are happening at his Scottish Castle.

Gabriel is instantly attracted to Fiona and she tries to resist him.  The sexual tension is fierce and they are both having trouble keeping their hands to themselves.  There is also an ancient curse that is complicating Gabriel's efforts.

Just like all of Suzanne's books I could not put it down.  Her writing is entertaining and historically accurate.
There are moments of laughter and also intense emotions and plenty of witty dialouge between the sexes.
I have every book she has ever written and would recommend any and all of her books to readers who have not read Suzanne. This was a wonderful read!!!

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