Sunday, October 23, 2016

Review of Lady Lost by Jane Goodger

A beautiful story by Jane Goodger.  This is the third book in The Lost Heiresses Series.  

Marcus Dunford is a nobleman who is hiding away from Society and everything to do with it.  He has been betrayed by his unfaithful dead wife and made a fool of in front of his friends and family.  He decides to go to a dilapidated estate that he owns and stay there and talk to no one.  He has just two servants and they both leave before it gets dark because the locals say it is haunted.

Lilian Martin is a young lady on the run. Her brother-in-law is a man who preys on young woman and her sister is only 15 when they marry.  Lilian's mother has passed away and she has to live with her sister and spends her days and nights avoiding and hiding from brother in law the Duke.  

Then one day the Duke is discovered shot to death in his bed and Lilian is the first to find him, she picks up the gun off the floor and that is how she is discovered.  She runs knowing that she will be blamed and hung posthaste.

Marcus discovers Lilian soaking wet and unconscious on a muddy road and takes her into his coach and even though he does not want to, he takes her to his home.  His housekeeper cleans her up and he waits for her to wake up to tell her that she has to leave immediately.  Lilian is also not the only surprise that Marcus has to deal with,

This is a remarkable tale of love, betrayal, redemption and mystery.  I laughed and I cried.  Jane is a favorite author of mine.  Her stories are always a treat to read and her characters are enjoyable and rise off the pages to find a way into your heart.  

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