Saturday, October 29, 2016

Review of The Rogues Wager by Christi Caldwell

Another wonderful book by Christi Caldwell.  This is the first book in the new Sinful Brides Series.  I really enjoyed this one especially because of the two main characters.  

Helena Banbury is the bastard daughter of a Duke.  She lives in a gaming hell in St. Giles with her brother Ryker, who owns the hell and is also the Duke's illegitimate son.  She keeps the books for the club.  Helena is prohibited from entering the public areas of the club, her brother is just trying to protect her from the dangers that lurk in and outside the club.  They both were abused physically by the drunkard that their mother wound up with after the Duke.  Helena bears the scars physically and mentally.  Lately she has become restless and dissatisfied with her life.  Her life is about to take a turn that she could never have dreamt.

Lord Robert Dennington is a confirmed rake.  He has enjoyed the privileged life of the heir to a Dukedom. He had his heart broken at a young age and is determined to stay single until it is absolutely necessary. After all he will be a Duke one day.  Answering a summons from his father the Duke of Somerset, he arrives and finds out that the rumours of the Duke's impending death were just a way for his father to get his attention. Robert finds out that his inheritance is on very shaky ground.  His grandfather made some bad investments and the Dukedom is virtually broke.  The Duke suggests that it might be time for Robert to find a wife, preferably an Heiress.  Shocked by his father's revelations Robert gets stinking drunk and winds up in a gambling hell in St. Giles.  After hours of drinking he attempts to find his way home and only gets as far as the personal living quarters of the club owner.

Of course this is where and when Helena and Robert first meet.  He is really, really drunk and cannot stay on his own two feet and she is in her nightgown holding a knife and trying to help him up and out of the club before her brother finds Robert where he should not be.  This starts a relationship that will lead them both on a journey filled with danger, excitement , laughter and hopefully love.  Both Helena and Robert are flawed characters that will be tested to the limit of their heart and soul.

Christi writes a compelling heart felt story.  It is emotionally rewarding and a joy to experience the journey that she takes you on in her books.  I am a true fan of Christi's books and I guarantee that you will adore her books just as much as I do.  She has a way of pulling you in to the story and cheering on her characters.  

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