Monday, October 24, 2016

Review of While The Duke Was Sleeping by Sophie Jordan

This is the story of a shop girl who is love with a Duke.  The Duke doesn't even know she is alive.  He frequents the flower shop she works in to send flowers to his lovers, his many lovers.  Poppy Fairchurch is a poor country girl who has come to the big city with her younger sister after her father has passed away.  She works in the flower shop and barely gets by, but she promised her father that she would look after her younger sister.  Her only enjoyment in life is her daydream that the Duke will notice her and sweep her away to a new life where they live happily ever after.

Then one day the unthinkable happened, he was almost hit by a coach and four while brawling with another Gentleman in front of the flower shop.  Poppy rushes out to the Duke's aid and saves him from getting run over and then she gets rescues by the other Gentleman before she gets run over by the same coach.

In the confusion of helping get the Duke to his home, Poppy is mistaken for the Duke's Fiancee.   The man that saved Poppy turns out to be the Duke's bastard half brother.  Straun MacKenzie does not like the Duke but he is intrigued by Poppy.  When the Duke's family finds out that Poppy is his betrothed they are so excited that they invite Poppy and her sister to stay with them until the Duke wakes up from the coma he is in.

Poppy is stuck living the lie that she is betrothed to the Duke until he wakes up and now she has to deal with Straun MacKenzie who she says she wants nothing to do with, or is she kidding herself?  There is a palatable attraction between Struan and Poppy.  What will happen when the Duke wakes up and tells everyone he isn't betrothed to Poppy?  Will Poppy give in to Struan's seduction?  She is confused but tempted.

I loved this story.  Poppy and Struan are both struggling with their feelings for each other and you can feel the emotions as you read.  I have been waiting for Struan's story and it was worth the wait.  Sophie has a way with words that very few writers can match.  Her plots are splendid and her characters are brilliant.  I own every Historical Romance she has written and I whole heartily recommend her books.

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