Thursday, December 22, 2016

ARC Review of Lady Claire Is All That by Maya Rodale

This was a very entertaining read.  Easy to read with great dialogue and wonderful characters and a creative plot.  Lady Claire is knows what she wants and she is not going to let anyone stop her from achieving it. Besides the responsibility of keeping her sisters out of trouble she now has to deal with a man who she has nothing in common with.  He is a typical nobleman who just wants to ride fast, gamble, hunt, and box.  He is the antithesis of her.  She uses her brains and he relies on his brawn and good looks.

Lord Fox loves to wager and he always wins.  He is now stuck in a wager that could lose him one of his precious possessions.  What he doesn't count on is Claire's intelligence and the feelings of attraction and at the same time feeling somehow inadequate, which has never happened to him before.  He is the darling of the Ton.  Nobody dislikes him or so he thought.

The transformation that both Claire and Fox go through are what makes this story extraordinary to me.  They both realize that they have been existing in a one dimensional world.  I really enjoyed their journey and highly recommend this book.

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