Friday, January 29, 2016

Review of In The Devil's Bed (Sins of the Duke #1)

Whether Eva Devon or Maire Claremont's name is on a book you know that it will be worth reading.  This is the first book in a new series and I loved it.  Maire's stories are more intense and this one is no exception.  Jack is a man on a mission.  Destroy the Chance family, especially the Duke who was responsible for his hellish childhood and the death of his best friend.  Regan is the Duke's grand daughter who is in mourning for her father who was murdered.  Regan is finishing what her father started, helping those less fortunate than her.  She has taken over the project of building a hospital  in the poorest of neighborhoods and a clean, happy place for children who are homeless to grow up.  Her father never got along with his father the Duke because of his belief that all human beings have a right to a decent life, not just the rich and titled.
This is a story of what happens to the homeless children who have no one to look out for them and how they survive.  A glimpse into the poverty and the struggle to stay alive.  A story of vengeance, redemption, love and laughter.  The growth of Jack and Regan and how they learn about each other and what they lived thru to become the people they realize they want to be.   Not only is this an Historical Romance, it is also a raw and truthful look into the emotions that most would like to be kept hidden from the light of day.  Maire gives you a look into the dark side of life in Regency England.  This is an incredible story and you will be enthralled from beginning to end!!!  
Received Complimentary copy for honest review.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

ARC Review of My American Duchess by Eloisa James

This is one of her best.  The story of a young American lady named Merry who has been engaged and jilted her Fiance's three times.  She finally meets the man of her dreams and she is  betrothed his brother.  Trent is a man who has brought his Dukedom back from the brink of bankruptcy caused by his drunkard of a father.  His twin brother is engaged to the woman he wants. As children his mother preferred his younger brother and never failed to make him feel unloved.   Now he finally has Merry for himself.  Trent doesn't believe in love and Merry is insecure and afraid that she is in love with Trent, but is she?  Does she know what real love feels like and if she does, can Trent ever love her.   This book was a page turner from the very beginning.  I have been reading Eloisa's books for a long time and she just keeps getting better.  This book had everything that you could want in an Historical Romance...Great detail, a fast moving compelling plot, a breathtaking love story and very erotic lovemaking.  Do not miss this one. It is a Keeper.
Received this book from publisher for an honest review.