Friday, October 14, 2016

ARC Review of The Earl by Katharine Ashe

At long last Katharine has released the story of Peregrine and Lady Justice.  They have been entangled in a back and forth correspondence through The Falcon Club Series.  Their letters to each other were smart, brusque and laugh out loud funny.  What they don't realize is that they know each other personally and have since Lady Justice was christened.

Colin Gray is the tenth Earl of Egremoor, he is handsome, intelligent and takes his responsibilities seriously.
He was the Secretary of a secret group that aided people rich and poor with all kinds of dilemmas and situations, some of them life threatening.  All the members of the group are now happily married, except Colin.  He knows that his duty is to propose to the lady that he has been promised to his whole life.  Now that his father is gone he can no longer put it off and sets off to do his duty.

Lady Emily Vale has kept her secret identity as a champion of woman, the poor and the forgotten.  She is perfectly happy with her life just the way it is.  Then Colin Gray shows up and proposes marriage.  She cannot believe that he would have the nerve to even be in the same room with her.  She remembers Colin as the only person who understood her as a child and they were inseparable until he changed and had no more time for her.

Lady Justice writes Peregrine because she needs his help to find her sister who has disappeared and she is frantic to find out what happened to her.  Peregrine only has one condition, he wants to meet Lady Justice in person.  Will their secrets be revealed?  Will they forgive each other and admit to the feelings they have always had for each other?

Katharine's writing is so beautiful and heartfelt.  I have loved every book and novella that she has ever written.  The research and accuracy of the time period is praiseworthy and enlightening.  She is witty, brilliant and in my opinion one of the best and brightest in the Historical Romance Genre.  You will delight in the adventures that take Emily and Colin on the journey of their lives.

Today's Guest is Darcy Burke

Darcy Burke is the USA Today Bestselling Author of hot, action-packed historical and sexy, emotional contemporary romance. Darcy wrote her first book at age 11, a happily ever after about a swan addicted to magic and the female swan who loved him, with exceedingly poor illustrations. 

A native Oregonian, Darcy lives on the edge of wine country with her guitar-strumming husband, their two hilarious kids who seem to have inherited the writing gene, and two Bengal cats. In her “spare” time Darcy is a serial volunteer enrolled in a 12-step program where one learns to say “no,” but she keeps having to start over. She’s also a fair-weather runner, and her happy places are Disneyland and Labor Day weekend at the Gorge. Visit Darcy online at, follow her on Twitter at, or like her Facebook page,

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What is your favorite Word?
What is your least favorite Word?
What turns you on?
What turns you off?
What is your favorite curse word?
What sound or noise do you love?
Childrens laughter
What sound or noise do you hate?
Nails on a Chalk Board.
What profession other than your own would like to try?
What profession who you not want to try?
If Heaven exists what would you like God to say to you when you arrive?
You Did a Good Job!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Today's Author is Anna Bradley!!!

Anna Bradley

I’ve been an avid reader, writer and book junkie since childhood, when I pilfered my first romance novel and stole away to my bedroom to devour it. 

Before I became a writer I worked with a rare books library featuring works by British women writers from the 1600's through the Regency period. Here I indulged in my love of stories, fondled smooth, leather-bound volumes to my heart’s content and dreamed of becoming a writer.

I write steamy historical romance (think garters, fops and riding crops). I live with my husband and two children in Portland, OR, where people are delightfully weird and love to read.

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What is your favorite word?
What is your least favorite word?
(I won't take offense, ha ha)
What turns you on?
My Husband
What turns you off?
What is your favorite curse word?
What sound or noise do you love?
The Ocean
What sound or noise do you hate?
Kids Screaming
What profession other than your own would love to try?
Travel Photograher
What profession would you not want to try?
Anything to do with Finance.
If heaven exists what would like to hear God when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
I have been waiting for you.

Review of A Kiss At Christmastide by Christina McKnight

This is the first book that I have read by Christina McKnight and it certainly won't be the last.  This was a lovely story of a young lady who has nothing but goodness and love in her heart and a young man who has not known any kind of love since he was a very young boy.

Pippa is the beloved daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Midcrest and is at their country home waiting for her parents to arrive so they can begin celebrating the Christmas Holiday like they do every year. Unfortunately it looks like the storm that is raging outside will delay the arrival of her parents.  She is alone in the house with just the servants when someone starts banging on the front door.

Lucas Hartfeld, the Earl of Maddox is on his way to meet his parents at a house party when a storm hits and his carriage gets stuck in the mud.  He has to walk to the nearest home and ask for shelter until the story blows over.

Pippa and Lucas are stuck together until the storm blows over.  He is rude and condescending, but Pippa sees something in his eyes that draws her in.  She has grown up in a loving family and he hasn't seen his parents since he was sent away to school at the age of seven.  His parents blamed him for a family tragedy that has made him the man he is today.

Can two people who are nothing alike find peace and happiness at this special time of year?  This is truly a wonderful novella that I read all the way through last night.  I could not put it down.  Pippa and Lucas are terrific characters and the plot is emotionally fulfilling.  I have to admit that I shed a few tears while reading this awesome novella.

If you have not read Christina's books, go to your favorite book seller and buy this one.  It will be the best 99 cents you spent!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Review of Veiled In Blue by Lynne Connolly

This series by Lynne is called The Emperors of London.  If you prefer a book with an intricate plot, complex characters and makes you concentrate when you read, this series is for you.  I loved every minute of this book.  Lynne's writing is sophisticated, compelling and enjoyable.  I like books that have mystery, action and a great love story.  You will not be disappointed in this book.

There are spies, criminals and a hero to die for!!  I usually give a synopsis of the story and introduce you to the characters.  All I will say is that Julius is man who is confident in him self and what has to be done.  Eve is a strong heroine who knows who she is and even though she is attracted to Julius, she doesn't exactly trust him.

They both will go through trials that will test their feelings for each other.  You will root for them to find their HAE.

Today's Author is Valerie Bowman!!

Valerie Bowman

Valerie Bowman is an award-winning historical romance author who writes racy Regency romps! Her debut novel was published in 2012. Since then, her books have received starred reviews from Publisher's Weekly, Booklist, and Kirkus. She's been an RT Reviewers' Choice nominee for Best First Historical Romance and Best Historical Romance Love and Laughter. Two of her books have been nominated for the Kirkus Prize for fiction.

Valerie grew up in Illinois with six sisters (she's number seven) and a huge supply of historical romance novels. After a cold and snowy stint earning a degree in English Language and Literature with a minor in history at Smith College, she moved to Florida the first chance she got. Valerie now lives in Jacksonville with her family including her two rascally dogs. When she's not writing, she keeps busy reading, traveling, or vacillating between watching crazy reality TV and PBS. 

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What is your favorite word?
What is your least favorite word?
What turns you one?
What turns you off?
Bad Teeth
What is your favorite curse word?
Son Of A Bitch
What sound or noise do you love?
My dog sleeping.
What sound or noise do you hate?
Touching styrofoam.
What profession other than your own would you like to try?
Professional Organizer
What profession would not like to try?
Morning show personality.
If Heaven exists what would you like God to say to you when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Valeries new book 
The Legendary Lord
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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Review of The Perks of Loving a Scoundrel by Jennifer McQuiston

Jennifer is a new author for me.   I enjoyed this book.  Mary Channing and Geoffry Westmore are so polar opposite.  Westmore is a rake and appears not to take any seriously.  Mary doesn't want to have a season, she is perfectly happy staying home a reading popular novels.  Now she finds herself in a situation that could have come out of one of those novels.
Westmore and Mary find themselves in the middle of a mystery, and they must work together to stop a plot that could have consequences for all of England.  They don't want to be attracted to each other but they can't seem to stay away from each other.
This is a fun read and I liked the mystery and surprises that are revealed along the way.
I would recommend this to anyone who loves historical romance.