Wednesday, January 11, 2017

ARC Review of Between the Devil and the Duke by Kelly Bowen

This is the 7th book I have read from Kelly Bowen and they just keep getting better.   Her characters are not always typical Regency well healed, handsome, hero's or wealthy young Debutantes looking for a husband on the marriage mart.
There are Pirates, Gambling hell owners and lots of other interesting and smart hero's and heroines.  This story is about a young lady trying to keep her brother from bringing the rest of her family to ruin with his drinking and gambling.  
Lady Angelique Archer is a genius with numbers and makes the money she needs to keep food on the table and her younger brothers in school by gambling at Alexander Lavoie's club.  Alex is a commoner who has made a fortune letting the morally corrupt and ignorant Lords of the Realm lose their money in his club.

When Alex notices Angelique she tries to escape without him finding out who she is.  When he refuses to let her leave the club on foot and insists on seeing her home she finds she cannot refuse without causing her identity to be revealed and her only source of money dry up.  Only when they are on their way to his coach someone shoots at Angelique and Alex is determined to find out who wants her dead.

Then her wastrel brother is accused of murder and sent to the Tower.  She has no choice but to turn to Alex for help in trying to prove her brother innocent.  As they spend more time together they find themselves unable to keep their minds or bodies to themselves.  Alex knows that he can never have a woman like Angelique, but she doesn't agree and wants him for herself.

What follows is a perilous journey of danger, betrayal, a mystery that has plagued her family since her father died and the chance of a love that could conquer both their hearts. 

Kelly writes a story full of passion, intrigue and powerful emotion that will leave you wanting more.  She gives her characters challenges that would defeat ordinary people, but Alex and Angelique are much more.  They are strong, stubborn, smart and will go to any length to protect each other.  This is a moving love story that will leave you satisfied and eagerly awaiting her next novel.  There is also witty moments in this book that will have you smiling and moments that will bring tears to your eyes.

This is a book that should not be missed.  I recommend it highly and it will go into my keeper pile to reread again.

I received this book from the Publisher for an honest review.

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