Sunday, January 1, 2017

ARC Review of Ready Set Rogue by Manda Collins

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I heard Manda had a new series coming up.  It was worth the wait.  This series is going to be a keeper to read again and again.  Four young ladies each with their own specialty, mathematics, art, archaeologically and ancient languages.  The first one is about Ivy, considered a Blue Stocking due to her obsession and knowledge of Ancient Languages.  She has become one of four beneficiaries to the estate of a Female Scholar who passed away.  So she packs up her belongings and heads to Beauchamp House.

Lord Torquil Beauchamp, the Marquess of Kerr is on his way to his late aunt's estate to stop a bunch of thief's from stealing a place where all of his happy memories occurred when he was young.  Quill as he is called, is a handsome rich nobleman who has never had trouble charming the ladies, but these ladies are not like most and he finds himself in a situation that rapidly descends into something he has never experienced before.

This story is classic Manda Collins,  her writing is witty, smart and is full of surprises.  It usually doesn't take me four chapters to the end of the book to figure out who is the villain, but this one did.  Ivy is a strong, determined, dare I say stubborn young lady who finds herself falling for Quill and has no problem taking him to bed, even though she is a virgin.  She is after all a scholar and the more you know.  Quill has fallen for Ivy and knows that he is going to marry her, he just has to convince her.  This is a truly wonderful romance that pairs two individuals who have found their soul mates.  They just have to stay alive to live happily ever after.

I recommend this book to all Historical Romance Readers.
Received Complimentary copy from Publisher for honest review.


  1. Jaci, I have this on my wish list as I've enjoyed Manda's books in the past.

    1. Carol..this is going to be a great series.