Monday, January 30, 2017

Review of Schooling The Viscount by Maggie Robinson

The new Maggie Robinson book is one of the reasons that I love eBooks and eReaders.  There are so many Authors out there and with a eReader you can now find and enjoy Authors that you have never read before.

This is the tale of a small town and the people who live there.  Puddling is what we would call today, Rehab.  Young and old, men and woman are sent to Puddling because they cannot be controlled by their family.  Whether it is drinking, woman, or just misbehaving.  Rachel Everett is the school teacher who lives with her father in a cottage and has always been content, or so she thought.

Captain Lord Henry Challoner is just back from war and is hiding behind woman and wine trying to prevent the nightmares and the traumatic injury that has left him with a permanent limp.  His father sends him to Puddling and the adventure begins.

A lovely story that depicts the daily lives of a small village with a big purpose. The characters bring this book to life with stories that will make you laugh, smile and anticipate the next book in the Series.  This is a tale of true love, redemption and like every true Historical Romance a HAE.

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