Monday, February 27, 2017

Review of Passion Favors The Bold by Theresa Romain

The second book in the Royal Rewards Series is a light hearted fun read with a witty heroine and a handsome, funny and dedicated hero.

This book is about Georgette Frost who has lived and worked in a bookstore her whole life.  She is a avid reader of romantic novels and day dreams of a handsome prince to rescue her from her daily boring life. When she gets her chance to escape she takes it and gets her Prince, but she doesn't see him as her savior. He is Lord Hugo Starling, the youngest son of a duke who defies his parents and becomes a Doctor instead of going into the Clergy.  When Georgette makes her escape she does it in men's clothing.  She has a plan.  Find her brother who is hunting for a trove of stolen gold sovereigns and join him.  Hugo is trying to find financing for his plans for a new Hospital, but he cannot let Georgette travel alone.  She talks him into taking her to find her brother and the adventure begins.

I really enjoy Theresa's writing.  It is unique, witty and romantic.  Her characters have their share of flaws, but they do not consume them and control their lives.  Their imperfections make them strive to find happiness and not wallow in misery.  Georgette and Hugo are made for each other and as the story progresses you will be enchanted by their love story.  Do they find the gold, will Hugo get to build his hospital?  Has Georgette found her Prince?  You will have to find out for yourself.  This is a great book that is a must read.

Received a complimentary copy from the Publisher for an honest review.

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