Thursday, March 16, 2017

ARC Review of The Secret of my Seduction by Caroline Linden

For over a year Bathsheba Crawford has had no time for relationships or love.  She was doing all she can  to keep a roof over her head, food for the table and taking care of her brother who is injured in the war.

Now she is writing risque stories called Tales of Lady X anonymously for Liam MacGregor who owns the newspaper the London Intelligencer. She now has money in the bank and is no longer poverty stricken.  The stories that she writes are sexually explicit. She's only had two experiences with bed sport, both of which were uninspiring and passionless.  She has had to use her imagination in her stories and she is running out of ideas.  She plans to ask Liam, who is a known rake and womanizer to help educate her in different aspects of lovemaking.

At first Liam refuses and Bathsheba says she will go find someone else.  Liam gives in and they plan their first rendezvous.  They are both surprised by the passion that explodes between them.  The sex is amazing and the feelings they develop for each other are intense and completely surprising.  After the three agreed upon meetings their affair ends.  They are both denying the feelings that have taken them both by surprise.

Can either one of them find the courage to express their feelings or will they remain just business partners? Will they let down their guard and embrace a life together?

Caroline writes a deeply sensual love story about two independent people who have a chance at a HAE.
Her writing is intensely moving.  Liam and Bathsheba are both compelling and wonderfully intelligent characters.  Even though this is a novella it has all the emotional impact and enjoyment of a full Romance Novel.  I adored this addition to The Scandals Series.  It is only 99 cents and well worth it.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

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