Monday, March 6, 2017

ARC Review of When The Marquess Falls by Lorraine Heath

I absolutely love reading this prequel to the Hellions of Havisham Hall.  This is the story of George and Linnie.  The Marquess of Marsden and his childhood friend Linnie Connor, the daughter of the village baker.

George finally convinces LInnie on Christmas Eve to marry him.  They are so in love and enjoy years of being happily married.  When Linnie goes into labor with their fist child the delivery is difficult, she delivers a healthy son and dies in George's arms due to uncontrolled blood loss.  George is devastated by her death. He buries her under the branches of the tree where he first met her as a child.

She promised him that she would be with him forever and never leave him, and she doesn't.  He sees and talks to her everyday until he is an old man.  Then on Christmas Day he wakes up and hears her say "It is time love".  He walks to her grave and there she is as clear as day.  They are now together, spirits and soul mates for all eternity. She waited for him and now they can continue the journey where ever it leads them together.

This is a love story about two people who were meant to be together forever.

Lorraine writes a breath taking story that you will bring you joy and sorrow.  She will take you on a journey of devotion that you will revel in.  A truly satisfying novella that adds a wonderful beginning and ending to the Hellions of Havisham Hall.

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