Friday, March 3, 2017

Review of Convenient Proposal to the Lady by Julia Justiss

Another wonderful addition to the Hadley's Hellions Series.  I always believe in being honest in my reviews and I can say I did not like the heroine Lady Alyssa.  I thought she was selfish, stubborn and didn't appreciate the effort and sacrifice Benedict went to to save her reputation.  As with all of Julia's books by the time I was finished with this book I really liked her and was happy that she finally gave Benedict a chance to prove that he was an honorable gentleman who only had her happiness and well being in mind and heart.

If you have read any of the other books in this series you will love Ben's story.  If this is you first Julia Justiss book you will become a fan.  Of all the other Hadley Hellions I loved Ben the most.  Growing up a bastard who was ridiculed and insulted when he was younger, he grew up to be an extraordinary honorable man who took control of his life and made himself a place in a world that he could be proud of.

Lyssa survived being abused and insulted by her father and brother by losing herself in her passion for painting.  She has the idea that if she refuses to marry and creates a scandal that her father will finally relent and give her the money that her late Aunt left to her so she can leave her unhappy home and become independent.  She miscalculated the anger that her father would feel when she refuses to marry Ben.  He locks her in her room on bread and water with no fire for warmth or treatment for the injuries from the beating he gave her.

When Ben receives a letter from, he thought was from Alyssa saying that she changed her mind and will marry him he rushes to her home in the country to find a shadow of the fiery stubborn girl he admired.  After negotiating an agreement they marry.  Will Ben be able to keep his desire for her in check until she is ready to accept him?  Will Lyssa finally realize that Ben is a real hero who deserves her love?

If you follow my blog you know I do not do spoilers in my reviews.  Believe me it is worth the price to buy this book and read it for yourself.  Benedict Tawny is probably one of the best Historical Romance Heros ever, in my opinion.  Do not miss this one!!!

Received a complimentary copy for an hones review.

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