Friday, March 17, 2017

Review of Lord Valorous by Wendy Vella

This is the third book in The Lords of Night Street Series.  The reason I really like Wendy's books is the character development.  Her characters are just wonderful.  Poppy March is simply marvelous.  She is smart, stubborn, brave and beautiful inside and out.  Jacob, the Viscount Hatherton is a member of the Lords of Night Street.  They are a group of nobleman who investigate, rescue and help those in need.  They insist that they remain anonymous  and do not accept money.  They are determined to fight evil and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Poppy arranges a meeting with the Lords of Night Street and Jacob is the one who shows up.  Poppy has been a companion to an elderly lady who has control of her late husbands money.  The heir to the title, a real slimy individual shows up and kicks Poppy out of the house.  She knows that he is going to kill her employer to get the money that he feels should be his. When she tries to help her employer Poppy is almost run over by a carriage,  pushed into the Thames and almost abducted off the street.  She enlists Jacob to help her but refuses to wait in the background.

Jacob is a war veteran who has seen and experienced horrific situations that have left him wary of letting anyone into his life.  He is the calm and logical member of the Lords of Night Street until he meets Poppy.
She makes him crazy.  She never listens, does what she wants, will not accept help and she is impossible to reason with.  He has never met a woman like her and is completely dumbfounded on how to deal with her.

It is hysterical watching Poppy confound and confuse a man who is always, as he believes,  in control of every situation.  He doesn't realize that deep inside he needs someone like Poppy to fill the hole in his soul.
Poppy is a Vicars daughter who grew up with 8 brothers and sisters.  She knows how to deal with stubborn men,  The witty and sometimes laugh out loud banter between the two of them is splendid.

I absolutely loved this book.  Wendy knows how to write a fabulous Historical Romance that is heartfelt, witty, and a joy to read.  The plot moves at a great pace with adventure, hair raising peril, and a love that will satisfy you to the very end.  I cannot wait for the next Lords of Night book that will feature cynical Leo, The Marquis of Vereton.

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