Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review of Mr. Ridley (A Whipping Society Novel) by Delilah Marvelle

Before I start a review of this book I have to let you know that some the subject matter in this book is not for the faint hearted.  I have read every book that Dellilah has written.  I think it is safe to say that I  consider myself her #1 Fan.  That does not mean I cannot be critical of her writing.  I will always be honest, I think this helps the author and the book I am reviewing.  That being said this book was exceptional on many levels.  Delilah writes at such a level that shows she respects her readers intelligence.  The subtle nuances in her descriptions, dialogue and characters sometimes make me go back and read a line or paragraph again to make sure I understood.  Now onto the story!!!

Evan Oswald Ridley is a complicated character that has so many layers that it will take more than one book to understand him and his motivations.  He is a hero who thinks he is in league with the devil.  He sees nothing good in the world and has taken on the responsibility of fighting evil and protecting the innocent.  He has a moral code that allows him to do anything he thinks will help solve a case or save a life.  That includes killing if he has to.

Jemdanee is 18 year old half cast girl who grew up on the streets of India.  Her mother was Indian and her father a British Officer.  She is pragmatic about life and how to survive in a world that consists of all the ills that befall the poor and homeless in her country.  She is an expert in the secrets of the natural world, meaning plants, medicines and poisons.  She is also a dreamer who sees nothing but good in Ridley, who has gotten her out of a London jail where she is accused of killing British citizens by poison.

Ridley helps Jemdanee out of jail so she can help him identify the poison that has killed two members of High Society.  He has never met anyone like her.  She is young, beautiful and full of life.  All he sees in the world he grew up in is death and destruction.  He doesn't want to like her and especially does not want to desire her.  She is unlike anyone he has ever met and she is getting through his defenses to the heart of why he is who he is.  He just wants her help in solving the murders than he will send her back where she came from with enough money to last a lifetime. 

This book is unlike a typical Historical will be a continuing story that will evolve over a number of books.  I am a dedicated Historical Romance reader who reads nothing but Historical Romance because I have to have HAE's.  I do not read Contemporary or any kind of Paranormal romance.  If you read this book be aware that it will not have a HAE.  There are very few authors that I will read in this kind of format. Delilah happens to be one of them.  Her writing is enthralling, her characters are exceptional and you will be captivated by the journey she takes you and them on.  I give this book 6 stars and recommend this book to anyone who loves a book that touches your heart and exercises your brain.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

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  1. Great review, Jaci. I'm a huge fan of Delilah's books too and this sounds really intriguing.