Saturday, April 15, 2017

Review of Lord of Chance (Rogues to Riches #1) by Erica Ridley

This book was truly an original story that I loved.  I really enjoy Erica's writing..  I could not put it down.

Charlotte Devon is the daughter of a courtesan who is desperate to get away from London and find her father.  She is tired of being treated like a harlots illegitimate daughter especially by the Quality and the Gentleman who think she is just like her mother and will lift her skirt for a few pence.  She is under the impression that her Father is a lord and will travel to Scotland and finally be part of a family that will love and accept her.  She makes it to an Inn in Scotland and is trying to decide how she will find her father when she meets Anthony Fairfax.  Anthony is a Gentleman who gambles for his living.  When he is winning, he and his parents spend the money as fast as he makes it.  He is used to the ups and downs and has never really thought about doing anything different with his life.

Anthony is in Scotland because of a gambling debt that he cannot pay,  and decides that maybe his luck will be better away from London and he knows he will come about and will be able to pay his debts and have money to spare.  He is the middle of a card game where he is has won a substantial amount when he notices a beautiful girl staring at him. She asks to join the game and wins all of Anthony's recent windfall. Now he has to find another way to win the money to pay his debt.

Anthony is a Gentleman to his bones and when Charlotte asks him for his escort her to her room a misunderstanding about the Scottish Marriage Law has them married to each other and their journey to a HAE begins.

Anthony and Charlotte are wonderful characters that make this book worth reading.  Anthony is witty, honorable who has a heart of gold.  Charlotte is a strong woman who knows what she wants, or thought she did until Anthony shows her that she is a person worthy of love and understanding and it does not matter who your parents are or are not.

Erica's writing is soulful, witty and just beautiful.  I admit I cried a few times.  There is a dialogue between Charlotte and her mother that  is poignant and breathtaking.  Anthony's declaration of love and the last three chapters were amazing.  This one is a keeper.  Do not miss it.


  1. Jaci, I have a few of Erica's books on my Kindle but have't got round to reading them yet. I think I need to move them onto to my priority list.

    1. Carol, this is my favorite so far....