Saturday, April 29, 2017

Review of What A Woman Needs by Caroline Linden

I knew this book was familiar when I started reading it.  This is a re-release of Caroline Linden's first book originally published in 2005.  It was a pleasure to read again.  This book is the reason why I became a Caroline Linden fan.  The heroine is not the usual Historical Romance protagonist.  When Charlotte was seventeen a fortune hunter ruined her.  Her father banished her and she left England.  She became an independent woman who chose her life style and her men.  Now she is back in England as the guardian to her young niece who is being courted by a the same kind of man who ruined her and she is determined to stop a man from doing to her niece what happened to her. 

Stuart is a Gentleman who needs to marry money.  His Grandfather and Father are still hale and hearty and he has bought his own Estate and needs an infusion of cash to make a go of it.  He has a reputation of a rogue and a seducer of innocents.  His Father has cut off his funds and believes him to be irredeemable. When Charlotte and Stuart meet the sensual sparks fly and the adventure is on.  This story has a everything you want to read in a Historical Romance.  Mystery, an unknown villain, a treasure, sizzling sexual attraction and a beautiful love story.  This was a book worth re-reading and for 99 cents it is a book that you must not pass up.

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  1. I read this back in 2010 and remember how good it was.