Sunday, May 28, 2017

Review of The Girl With The Make Believe Husband by Julia Quinn

This will be the first book I have reviewed by Julia Quinn since I started this blog four years ago.  I have read and kept the entire Bridgerton Series since I read "The Viscount Who Loved Me" which I adored and loved everyone of them.  My favorite is Colin and Penelope's story "Romancing Mr. Bridgerton".  I did read "Because of Miss Bridgerton" but did not review it, I don't remember why.  It was the first in her new Series "Bridgerton Prequels, Rokesby #1).  Now on to my review of this novel (Rokesby #2).

I have always enjoyed her writing and this book was no exception.  The story was original, her writing as beautiful and lyrical as always.  There wasn't a lot of laugh out loud moments that I am used to in a Julia Quinn novel, but to be fair, this book took place during War where both the hero and heroine were away from their homes.

Cecilia Harcourt found herself in an untenable position and had no choice but to take a chance and leave her home to travel across the ocean to find her missing brother.  What she finds is that her brother is no where to be found and his best friend is lying unconscious in an army hospital.   The only way she can see him and make sure that he is taken care of is to pretend to be his wife.  What happens when he wakes up and finds her there?  Will he go along with her story, or if he never wakes up, how will she find out what happened to her brother?

Edward Rokesby wakes up in an Army hospital confused and doesn't has no memory of the last few months.  Cecilia Harcourt is here, how and why is she saying she is his wife? Where is Thomas, her brother. He cannot remember what happened to him and doesn't remember marrying Cecilia.  He takes her at her word and accepts her as his wife.  Now they have to try to put together what happened and where is Thomas?

As a fan of Julia's books I did like this one.  It was different in that is was more serious in it's content. Edward is a great hero who brings out the best in Cecilia, who has never had much to be happy about in the life that she has led so far.  I think Edward was good for Cecilia in that she never really had much to enjoy about life until she met him.  Edward is the kind of man who is compelled to take care of other people, that is why I think he was better off with Cecilia than he would have been with Billie Bridgerton, who was the kind of girl to take charge.  In the end this was a good story about two people who find each other in a world of peril, strife and tragedy and make a life together.

Received a Complimentary Copy for an honest review.

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