Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Review of The Lady Travelers Guide to Scoundrels and Other Gentlemen by Victoria Alexander

Sometimes when you are so busy with your life you forget about an author that was always a favorite but you haven't read a book by her in years.  That's what happened to me when it comes to author Victoria Alexander.  I have every book in the Effington Family Series and loved every one of them.  After reading this new book I now remember why I love her writing.  I smiled all the way through this book.  Victoria makes me laugh and dare I say giggle!!  The witty dialogue that India and Derek is what makes this story amazing.

India is a no nonsense spinster who sees herself as a practical, intelligent who has no time for frivolous pursuits, sensible to the point of not seeing that she comes across as self righteous with a rigid and off putting appearance.  She has never come across a Gentleman who could change her mind about spending the rest of her days as a Spinster.  Of course then she meets Mr. Derek Saunders and everything she has known comes to a crashing halt that will change her whole life.

Derek Saunders is a rogue, rake and a Scoundrel.  He sees through India's defenses to the woman deep inside that is dying to emerge and experience life to the fullest.  The two of them are complete opposites that drive each other crazy.  The Adventure that they embark on will change India's beliefs, but will she able to trust Derek to make a life together?

This book is worth every penny of the $5.99 Kindle price on Amazon.  I absolutely enjoyed every minute of reading this book.  There is no angst, indecision or the many misunderstandings that happen in some Historical Romance Novels.  Victoria lets her characters speak for themselves in the extraordinary, funny way that only she can do.  To Victoria I say "Thank you" for a truly gorgeous story that will be added to my collection of her books.

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