Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Review of When To Engage An Earl by Sally MacKenzie

This is book four in The Spinster House Series.  I have enjoyed all the Spinster House books, this is my favorite.  A truly lovely story that has wonderful characters and a really unique plot.

Alex, the Earl of Evans has just been jilted.  A love match or so he thought.  Now his two best friends are married to woman they love and he is still a bachelor.  Now he has to go to London and enter the Marriage Mart to find a wife.  His self esteem has suffered a blow and he is doubting his judgment. He decides to go home to gather his thoughts and consider his future, only he doesn't count on his meddling older sister would be visiting.  He just can't handle her kind of help right now so he decides to keep riding and finds himself in Loves Bridge at the door of the Spinster House.  He met the current Spinster when he attended the wedding of his friend Marcus, The Duke of Hart.

Miss Jane Wilkinson is the Spinster House Spinster.  Jane is a young lady who has no interest in Marriage and plotted and schemed to get her two friends married and out of the Spinster house so she could move in and get away from her brother.  Now she finally has what she wanted but for some reason she is not enjoying life like she thought she would.  Being independent is a little dull and lonely.

This story is heartwarming, sexy and laugh out loud funny.  Alex's nieces are precocious and the things that they say are hysterical.  Add a supernatural cat named Poppy, and Jane's and Alex's family and friends and you have a  marvelous romance that you will love till the last word.  Sally is an awesome author and I adore her books.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

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  1. Jaci, I have never read any of Sally MacKenzie's books but, based on your recommmendation, I think I need to try her books.