Sunday, June 11, 2017

Review of The Bad Luck Bride by Jane Goodger

The first book in a new series by Jane "The Brides of St. Ives" is splendid!!  Jane is a truly gifted author who will have you immersed in this wonderful story of the pain of rejection and the redemption of a love that will last a lifetime.  Alice Hubbard has now been through three engagements and is still not married.  She has earned the unflattering nickname "The Bad Luck Bride" by the London gossips.  All she wants to do is return to her home in St. Ives and NEVER, EVER get married.  The only man that she has actually loved left England four years ago.  He was her older brother;s best friend.  When her brother died he is devastated and leaves without a word to Alice or her family.  She has no idea that he felt the same way about her.

Henderson Southwell is a bastard, literally.  He has no idea who his father is and his mother wouldn't care if he disappeared off the face of the earth.  Thank God for his Grandparents, they raised him with love and respect.  Even though he is a Commoner his Grandfather gave him an education where he met his best friend, Joseph Hubbard, the Grandson of a Duke and a Marquess.  Joseph never treated him any different than his Aristocratic friends and they became inseparable.  Henderson would go to Joseph's home in St Ives for all school holidays.  That is where he fell in love with Joseph's younger sister Alice.  He knew he could never have her so he kept his feelings to himself.  When Joseph died, Henderson couldn't face Joseph's family and left England to make his fortune in India.  Now four years later he is back and determined to tell Alice how he feels and to marry her.  The biggest obstacle is her Father who likes Henderson, but since he is a bastard and a commoner, her father doesn't think he is good enough for his daughter.  Can Henderson convince Alice's parents that he loves her and will be able to keep her in the lifestyle that she is used to.  Add in the mysterious deaths of four young men from St. Ives who have died in the last four years, one of them being Joeseph,  presumably by accident, and you have a great read.

Another lovely book from Jane.  What I enjoy about her writing is the flow of the story, the intricate blending of the plot with the great characters that she has created.  There is no character angst, both Alice and Henderson know what they want and will do whatever they have to do to be together.  Both are strong individuals with honesty and integrity that comes across from the beginning of the story. Romance that will have you swooning and reading late into the night.  Loved this one!!  Cannot wait for the next book in the Series.  Alice has single friends in St. Ives, hopefully they will get their story.

Received a Complimentary Copy for an Honest Review.

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