Monday, June 26, 2017

Review of A Most Unlikely Duke by Sophie Barnes


This not my first Sophie Barnes Book, it's my favorite!!  The cover alone should sell this book!!  Raphe Matthews is an amazing hero.  Orphaned at a very young age by his father's suicide after his mother left him and his three young sisters.  Because of the huge debt left by his father he had no choice but to accept help from an unsavory character to survive and support his younger sisters.  Raphe is the perfect "Diamond in the Rough".   

After living for years in the slums of St. Giles he unexpectedly inherits a Dukedom and moves him and his sisters to Mayfair where they experience the attitudes and prejudices of the Aristocracy.  When he encounters Lady Gabriella Radcliffe he thinks she is just another spoiled young lady who has always had everything given to her on a silver platter.  He couldn't be more wrong.  Gabriella volunteers to help him and his sisters tutor them in everything that they need to know to become accepted members of Society.

As the story progresses Raphe and Gabriella spend time together and find themselves falling in love. 
Will they be able to make a life for themselves among the Ton?  What I love most about Sophie's writing is her characters.   They always have such depth that they practically leap right off the page. Add a well paced plot that is full of surprises that will make you smile throughout and you have the perfect Historical Romance Novel.  Do not miss this one!!

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