Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Review of Seducing Mr Sykes by Maggie Robinson

The second book in the "Cotswold Confidential Series is just as enjoyable as the first one.  What I really enjoy about Maggie's books is the humor and the lengths that the characters take to avoid each other when it is plain as day that they are made for each other.  The old adage "Opposites Attract" is the main trope to this series.

Sadie is sent to Puddling by her father to punish her and make her capitulate to his plans for her to marry.  Sadie wants nothing do do with the men of the Ton and the longer she can avoid, in her mind, a fate worse than death, maybe her father will give up and leave her alone.  Her plan is to stay in Puddling as long as she can get away with it.  Unfortunately she doesn't count on Tristan, our Hero who is a member of the Puddling Board that evaluates it's visitors and decides when they are rehabilitated and can leave to resume their normal lives.  From the beginning Tristan knows that Sadie is nothing but trouble, but he simply cannot resist her.

The only thing they do not count on is the fierce attraction that develops between them.  This is a story full of hi jinks, witty dialogue and moments of hilarity.  Maggie knows how to write a beautiful love story.  Her characters are amazingly complex and the plot is intricate and flows at a great pace.  This is a truly original story.  Maggie writing is smart and sexy.  I cannot wait to read the next one in the Series.

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