Monday, July 24, 2017

Review of Lady Be Bad By Megan Frampton

A lovely story of two people who are opposite in situation and temperament who find themselves falling in love with each other.  Lady Eleanor has just been told by her father that her future husband has been chosen and she must marry him to help pull her family out of the scandal of one of her sisters running off with the dancing master.  She is to marry Lord Carson.  The problem is that she is attracted to Lord Alexander, Lord Carson's younger brother.  Alexander is a devil make care rascal who loves his older brother and will do anything to make him happy.  His father has no respect for him because of a mistake he made when he was younger.  All Alex has ever heard is that he is useless and he has no potential to be a productive member of Society.  Can Eleanor and Alex be together without causing pain to their families or can they find a way to help to make everyone happy?.
I liked that Eleanor didn't just do what was expected of her.  She is determined to take charge of her life and Alex is the man she wants.  Alex gradually realizes that he is capable of so much more and he wants to prove to his father, brother and Eleanor that he is a grown man who knows what he wants and he wants his brother to he happy and Eleanor to be his.
Megan writing is smart, witty and her plots are intelligent and her characters are wonderful, sensual and likable.  Alex and Eleanor are perfect for each other.  There is no hemming and hawing, or misunderstandings that sometimes plague romance novels.  They are both strong and honorable and know how they feel about each other.  A very nice romance that you will enjoy.
Received complimentary copy for an honest review.

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