Saturday, July 29, 2017

Review of Just Another Viscount in Love by Vivienne Lorret

The newest addition to The Season's Original Series.  From the first paragraph, I was hooked.  Viv's writing is lyrical and enchanting.  This book brought a smile to my face that lasted through the whole story.  

Gemma is a young lady who has spent most of her life trying to escape from her father.  He is a criminal that forced her to help him cheat people.  She has finally back in England with her Aunt, but she cannot escape the notoriety of her surname.  She is ostracized by the Ton.  Her Aunt decides it is better to leave London and tour England.  All Gemma wants is a family to love, a husband and children.  

Samuel Wortham, Viscount Ellery hasn't had much luck finding a bride.  So far he has selected two women who happen to love someone else.  He doesn't really trust his judgment so he decides to host a house party and invite debutantes looking for a husband.  He doesn't count on finding a captivating woman while walking on is property.  He is smitten almost from the start.  She is intelligent, lovely, and has a sense of humor that is unusual in young ladies he has encountered before.

There is no brooding, uncertainties, or those misunderstandings that usually occur in some romance novels.  Gemma is a sweet and is never mean or petty.  Sam is a truly honorable man with a heart of gold.  They are made for each other.  Unfortunately, there are other young ladies at the house party who want Sam for themselves and will do anything to break the fascination between Gemma and Sam.

When Sam finds a necklace belonging to another lady at the party he is confused and cannot believe that Gemma is a thief.   His reaction convinces Gemma that he is just like everyone else and she doesn't give him a chance to think through the circumstances of what happened.  She assumes that he is thinking what everyone else does, that she is a thief like her father.  She thought he was different maybe she is wrong.  Brokenhearted, will she run or stay and fight for love.

Do not miss this one.  It is a lovely novella that will keep you reading until the last word.  It is great to see Ellery get his HAE.

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