Sunday, August 13, 2017

Review of Traitor in her Arms by Shana Galen

The first book in the new Scarlet Chronicles Series is an action packed adventure with heart stopping peril, steamy sex, and a truly wonderful love story.  What would you have done if the Scarlet Pimpernel contacted you and asked you to go France during the revolution and steal a valuable piece of jewelry to bribe the warden to free a mother and her child?  Gabrielle has had to learn how to survive to keep a roof over her head since her husband died and left her buried in debt. She is strong, stubborn and fearless.

Ramsey, Lord Sedgwick is living a lie.  If he is found out he will hang.  Only one person knows his secret, a Madam who expects him to do what she wants whenever she wants.  Now she wants to know the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel.  Sedgwick, even though he has secrets is still a good and honorable hero who only wants to help his tenants and his family.

Gabrielle and Ramsey wind up reluctant partners on the journey to France.  Both keeping their secrets close.   They find themselves in lust with each other and give into their passions.  But is it just lust or something stronger.  They will have to trust each other with their deepest darkest secrets.

I am a big fan of Shana's writing.  The first book of hers that I read was "When You Give A Duke A Diamond", and I was hooked.  Her characters are strong and intelligent.  Her stories are not the same old romance plots.  This book is a perfect example of using historical events and weaving in a story that will enjoy till the very end.  This one is a keeper!

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