Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Review of The Earl's Encounter by Wendy Vella

I discovered Wendy's books last year and I have read all of her Historical Romances and loved every one of them.  Wendy is a truly talented writer with a rare gift of telling beautiful love stories that are filled with humor, adventure, and mystery.

Joseph, Viscount Haddon had no idea when he met his betrothed on a cold morning in a cemetery that she would break their engagement and disappear from his life.  Now four years later while riding through the country on his way home he encounters a lone woman walking in the cold night accompanied only by a small ugly dog.  He is shocked to learn that this woman is his ex-fiancee who left him for another man.  He sees through her disguise. Why is she walking in freezing weather all alone?  Where is the man that she left him for? He insists on escorting her to where ever she is going and not let on that he sees through her disguise.  He is determined to get some answers.

Lady Millicent Lawrence has been on the run for four years.  She has gone from being Society's darling and the fiancee of a wonderful nobleman to barely making it alone in a world that has made her into a survivor.  She has lived hand to mouth and is now on her way to her new post as a Governess when she encounters a Gentleman who she thought to never see again.   Joseph doesn't recognize her and she just wants him to go away.  She is not the same woman that he was engaged to.  She has done things to survive that she wants no one to know about, especially Joseph.

Milly is not the young romantic naive girl she used to be and Joseph is not the trusting starry-eyed young man he used to be.  Joeseph is determined to find out what happened and Milly doesn't want him to dig deeper.  She was protecting him four years ago from a dangerous situation and still believes she did the right thing.  When he finds out why she disappeared he is hurt and angry that she didn't come to him for help.  Will Milly tell him the truth?  Can Joseph forgive her?  They loved each other once, can they find love again?

I absolutely loved Milly and Joseph.  They are both strong characters who have lost their faith in love and their own judgment. There also is heart-stopping peril that they must face to be together again.  Do not miss this book, it is wonderful.❤

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