Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Review of Third Son's a Charm by Shana Galen

I liked this start to a new series by Shana Galen.   Ewan Mostyn is one of the Survivors of Draven's special unit, the third son of an Earl who could care less about him.  Ewan is the Protector of the Survivors.  When he is approached by a Duke to protect his daughter from a fortune hunter he agrees.  The man pursuing the Duke's daughter is Ewan's despicable cousin who tormented Ewan when they were growing up.

Lady Lorraine Caldwell is in love with Francis Mostyn and is determined to marry him. Her father will not relent from his opposition to the match after an attempted elopement.  He goes so far as to hire a bodyguard to keep her away from Francis.  She believes all the lies that Francis has told her about how his cousin Ewan tormented him when he was a child.  Not only is Ewan keeping Francis away from her, she is developing feelings for Ewan that confuses her.  Ewan wants her for himself but he feels that he is not worthy.

This book was a pleasure to read.  I really like Shana's writing.  Her characters are wonderfully complex, and the plot has adventure, peril, and a beautiful love story.  I recommend this book to readers who love Historical Romance.

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