Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Review of Wilde in Love by Eloisa James

This is the first book in the new "Wilde Series" by Eloisa James.  I discovered Eloisa's writing years ago when I was at my local library and found a book in the fiction section titled "Potent Pleasures".  I was hooked and have read all of her books.  She has always had a unique style that makes her characters extraordinarily memorable.  The affectations, flaws, and quirks make her heroes irresistible and her heroines admirable.

Alaric Wilde is a gentleman that doesn't realize his appeal to the opposite sex and has never felt the need to limit himself to one woman.  He has traveled the world and written books about his adventures.  He has no idea of the popularity of his writing nor the leagues of women who adore his image of an adventurer who they love and will do truly ridiculous things to capture his heart.

Willa Everett Ffynche is a young lady who enjoys learning.  She is a voracious reader, not fiction of course.  She prefers hard facts instead of hyperbole and doesn't understand why young ladies love reading sensational novels.  She is a lovely lady who is honestly warm and compassionate, which has resulted in 14 marriage proposals in her first season.  She has not been moved sufficiently to accept any of them.  Willa has very personal reasons for not throwing caution to the winds and become impulsive and reckless and would never be attracted to someone like Lord Wilde, or so she thinks.

A beautiful love story with witty banter between two characters that look at the world in different ways with distinct values that could separate or bring them together.  Willa fights the attraction because she does not want to be married to a man who is in the spotlight and Alaric is frustrated that the situation he finds himself in is out of his control.  Can they find a way to be together and still have the life they deserve?

This is the first book in the new series by Eloisa and now we have to wait impatienly for the next one.  I recommend this book to all who love Historical Romance.

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