Monday, December 11, 2017

Once Upon a Christmas Eve; A Maiden Lane Novella by Elizabeth Hoyt

Another great addition to The Maiden Lane Series with the added perk of another wonderful Fairy Tale at the beginning of each chapter.  This story is about  Adam Rutledge, Viscount d'Arque who appears in three of The Maiden Lane Series.  He comes across as a cynical bored aristocrat that barely tolerates anyone or anything.  He especially hates Christmas and all its pretensions of cheer.  Every year his Grandmother goes to the country for Christmas and Adam loves her so he accompanies her. 

Unfortunately, the carriage breaks down and they must seek refuge at the home of Godric St. John, the hero of Lord of Darkness.  To top off what was turning out to be the Christmas from Hell, Sarah St. John the only woman he knew that disliked him on site and exercised her sarcastic wit on him the first and only time they met..  The true joke was that he wanted her from the first and was truly baffled by his attraction to her.

Sarah hated rakes and their games and double meanings in everything they said.  She had a bad experience with a scoundrel and wants nothing to do with his type, even if he is the epitome of handsomeness and physical fitness. 

Neither one of them expect to like each other, they both are in for a surprise. The more they snipe at each other with their thinly veiled insults and sly innuendos, the more they realize that they want each other with a lust that turns their lives upside down.   How can she be falling for a rake?  He cannot want an average looking spinster!

This is witty, laugh out loud story of two stubborn people and a plot has everything you want in a love story.  Elizabeth's Maiden Lane Series is one of the best in Historical Romance and she keeps adding more outstanding stories to the Series.  I loved seeing Adam get his comeuppance at the hands of Sarah.  This one is worth the price as is all of Elizabeth's books.

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