Monday, December 11, 2017

Review of The Christmas Stranger: A Regency Novella by Anna Campbell

This is my favorite time of year, all my favorite authors write amazing Christmas stories, and I always look forward to Anna's Holiday Novellas.  This year The Christmas Stranger is a lovely tale of a lady who is spending Christmas alone and a Gentleman who will change her life forever.  Little do they both know that a Matchmaking plot is afoot.  

Josiah Hale is a ladies man who never has given his heart to any woman and is perfectly happy with his life the way it is.  He is also a talented architect. When he receives a letter with a request to travel to a remote manor house in Yorkshire to make improvements he jumps at the chance.  He loves his family, but he knows that his mother will invite young ladies for Christmas and be subjected to her attempts to find him a wife.  

He arrives in the middle of the night in a snowstorm.

Maggie Carr is working as a housekeeper at Thorncroft Hall for a distant cousin after she lost her mother.  She is alone for Christmas because the two other servants that help her went home to their families for the Holidays.  

Maggie doesn't even realize that she is lonely until Josiah Hale shows up and makes her see how alone she really is.  As the days pass their feelings deepen and Josiah doesn't want to leave her behind.  Maggie feels she is not good enough for Josiah, but he disagrees and will do anything to make her see that they are made for each other.

This is a perfect Holiday love story that will fill you with Holiday cheer.  Anna is a fabulously talented author who brings her characters to life, you will fall in love with her stories and wish that they never end. I love everything she writes and all her books are keepers to read over and over again.  As I have said about all her novellas, it will be the best 99 cents you spend this Christmas.

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