Friday, January 6, 2017

Review of Only Beloved by Mary Balogh

To say that this book was one of the best I have ever read is not an exaggeration. This is the last book in the Series "Survivor's Club" and was my favorite of the Series, which is saying something, since I love Mary's writing.  I started it yesterday and I am so profoundly happy for George, Duke of Stanbrook who finally has received his HAE.  Through the Series he has been the rock that has held The Survivor's together.  Helping each one of them recover and find happiness.

Who would have thought that spinster Dora Debbins would become a Duchess and find her soul mate.  Only Mary Balogh can write a story that has you feeling the sadness, despair, elation and love that George and Dora experience.  I find that reading Mary's books are exciting, intriguing but most of all her writing makes me feel relaxed and satisfied throughout the story.  There is also adventure and hair raising peril.  Though in my opinion, the love that shines from her characters is the reason I will always read whatever she writes.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Review of Waiting for an Earl Like You by Alexandra Hawkins

As with every other book that I have read by Alexandra this one is a breathtaking romance with heart stopping peril, truly extraordinary characters and a story that is truly witty and lushly sensual.  Thorn is a true Romantic Hero, he is handsome, strong, smart and a wicked rake.  He has always had control over his sexual urges and has gone months at a time without a woman when he is immersed in other aspects in his life.  Until he encounters Olivia a woman he knew as a child.  She has grown up into a beautiful woman and of course she is again with his twin brother Gideon, just like when they were children.  Only now he does not want to avoid her anymore.  She is intriguing and their is something that draws him in..

Olivia has always been friends with Gideon and avoided Thorn.  She always felt like he was judging her and finding her wanting in everything she has done or said. The biggest problem is that Thorn and Gideon are identical twins and Thorn uses that to his advantage to woo Olivia.

The situations that they find themselves in are funny, inappropriate and scandalous.
Alexandra is a truly gifted writer who knows what romance readers really enjoy.
She has the talent to show how life was lived in this period of time.  Her dialogue is funny, romantic, smart and a joy to read.  What I enjoy most about her books is her impressive original plots and the passion she puts into every word.  This is a must read.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

10 Questions with Eileen Dreyer

Welcome Eileen Dreyer

For those of you who are new to my blog I read and review Historical Romance.
This past year in September I attended the Historical Romance Retreat 2016 hosted by two of the best in Historical Romance DELILAH MARVELLE and RENEE BERNARD.  As a Blogger it was the perfect place to meet and ask each author the ten questions that James Lipton used on the PBS Show Inside The Actors Studio.  I know Historical Romance Authors and how witty they are, so I decided to publish one as often as I am able to.  I have been doing them in alphabetical order and today it is Eileen's turn.  Just a little personal note to Eileen who is hysterically funny and loved meeting you at HRR2016,  could please write a new Historical novel.  I know I can reread all the ones I have and do, but would love a new one. (it will help me get through the next four years).
Thank you Eileen!!!!

Ok now on to the Questions..

What is your favorite word?
(Look it Up)
What is your least favorite word?
What turns you on?
What turns you off?
Deliberate Ignorance
(Insert his name here)
What is your favorite curse word?
Shit F*ck Fire
What noise or sound do you love?
Babies laughing
What noise or sound do you hate?
Styrofoam squeaking
What profession other than your own would you like to try?
Lounge Singer
What profession other than your own wouldn't like to try?
Insurance Salesman
If Heaven exists what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
You now have time to everything you ever wanted to do.

Thank you Eileen!!!!

Below you find a link for Eileen's Drake's Rakes Series

Sunday, January 1, 2017

ARC Review of Ready Set Rogue by Manda Collins

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I heard Manda had a new series coming up.  It was worth the wait.  This series is going to be a keeper to read again and again.  Four young ladies each with their own specialty, mathematics, art, archaeologically and ancient languages.  The first one is about Ivy, considered a Blue Stocking due to her obsession and knowledge of Ancient Languages.  She has become one of four beneficiaries to the estate of a Female Scholar who passed away.  So she packs up her belongings and heads to Beauchamp House.

Lord Torquil Beauchamp, the Marquess of Kerr is on his way to his late aunt's estate to stop a bunch of thief's from stealing a place where all of his happy memories occurred when he was young.  Quill as he is called, is a handsome rich nobleman who has never had trouble charming the ladies, but these ladies are not like most and he finds himself in a situation that rapidly descends into something he has never experienced before.

This story is classic Manda Collins,  her writing is witty, smart and is full of surprises.  It usually doesn't take me four chapters to the end of the book to figure out who is the villain, but this one did.  Ivy is a strong, determined, dare I say stubborn young lady who finds herself falling for Quill and has no problem taking him to bed, even though she is a virgin.  She is after all a scholar and the more you know.  Quill has fallen for Ivy and knows that he is going to marry her, he just has to convince her.  This is a truly wonderful romance that pairs two individuals who have found their soul mates.  They just have to stay alive to live happily ever after.

I recommend this book to all Historical Romance Readers.
Received Complimentary copy from Publisher for honest review.