Friday, February 3, 2017

ARC Review of Someone to Hold by Mary Balogh

The second book in The Wescott Series takes us back to the Orphanage for another wonderful story.  We met both of the main characters who were a intricate part of the first book.  Joel is the young man who grew up in the orphanage with Anna in the first book and Camille is Anna's half sister.

Joel is an artist and a orphan and has never thought that he would ever find out who he was and where he came from.  One day he is summoned to a mansion by a man he has never heard of.  He thought he was there to discuss a proposal to paint a portrait.  What he finds out changes his whole world.

Camille was brought up a lady who never questioned anything that happened in her life.  She listened to her parents and became everything that a nobleman would want in a wife.  She never thought about herself or what she desired out of life.
Then her life is turned upside down and will never be the same again.

This is a story of two people from vastly different backgrounds that find common ground in each other as their worlds are coming apart.

The reason that I love Mary's books so much is that you don't have to ride the emotional roller coaster.   Her characters have character.  They talk to each other about what they are feeling.  Mary gives you amazing insight into who they are with vivid and amazing detail.  If you want to read beautiful love stories that will make you laugh and cry, Mary is the author for you.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Review of Someone to Love by Mary Balogh

The first book in Mary's new Series is absolutely smashing!!  I have found my new favorite Mary Balogh Hero.  Avery Archer, Duke of Netherby is simply one of the best Historical Romance Hero's ever!  I am a life long Mary Balogh fan and will proudly proclaim that she is my favorite.  I know that by the time I have finished reading one of her books, I will experience a plethora of emotions.  Her characters are truly amazing and her writing is sublime.  

Avery is an average size man with a very big consequence that he using to hide his true self from Society.  He uses snuff and has a quizzing glass that he puts to good use keeping anyone from really getting to know him.  No one has ever been able to see behind his mask, and then he met Anna.

Anna Snow is a school teacher at the Orphanage where she grew up.  She has no idea who her parents are and is perfectly content to live at the Orphanage and teach and love the Orphans in her care.  Then one letter delivered to her changes her whole life.  

To find out what happens to Avery and Anna you will have to read this book.  I do not mean to be mysterious, but I do not do spoilers in my Reviews.  This is a new book in a new series that you have to read for yourself.  I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Now on to the next in the Series....Someone to Hold!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Release Day Blitz for Between the Devil and the Duke by Kelly Bowen


Title: Between the Devil and the Duke
Author: Kelly Bowen
On Sale: January 31, 2017
Series: A Season for Scandal, #3
Publisher: Forever
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $5.99 USD
Their love was always in the cards.

He should have thrown her out. But when club owner Alexander Lavoie catches a mysterious blonde counting cards at his vingt-et-un table, he's more intrigued than angry. He has to see more of this beauty-in his club, in his office, in his bed. But first he'll have to devise a proposition she can't turn down.
Gossip said he was an assassin. Common sense told her to stay away. But Angelique Archer was desperate, and Lavoie's club offered a surefire way to make quick money-until she got caught. Instead of throwing her out though, the devil offers her a deal: come work for him. Refusing him means facing starvation, but with a man so sinfully handsome and fiercely protective, keeping things professional might prove impossible . . .


Kelly Bowen grew up in Manitoba, Canada. She attended the University of Manitoba and earned a Master of Science degree in veterinary physiology and endocrinology. But it was Kelly's infatuation with history and a weakness for a good love story that led her down the path of historical romance.  When she is not writing, she seizes every opportunity to explore ruins and battlefields.
Currently, Kelly lives in Winnipeg with her husband and two boys, all of whom are wonderfully patient with the writing process.  Except, that is, when they need a goalie for street hockey.
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Review of Schooling The Viscount by Maggie Robinson

The new Maggie Robinson book is one of the reasons that I love eBooks and eReaders.  There are so many Authors out there and with a eReader you can now find and enjoy Authors that you have never read before.

This is the tale of a small town and the people who live there.  Puddling is what we would call today, Rehab.  Young and old, men and woman are sent to Puddling because they cannot be controlled by their family.  Whether it is drinking, woman, or just misbehaving.  Rachel Everett is the school teacher who lives with her father in a cottage and has always been content, or so she thought.

Captain Lord Henry Challoner is just back from war and is hiding behind woman and wine trying to prevent the nightmares and the traumatic injury that has left him with a permanent limp.  His father sends him to Puddling and the adventure begins.

A lovely story that depicts the daily lives of a small village with a big purpose. The characters bring this book to life with stories that will make you laugh, smile and anticipate the next book in the Series.  This is a tale of true love, redemption and like every true Historical Romance a HAE.