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ARC Review of Last Night With The Duke by Amelia Grey

An enchanting and lovely start to a new Series by Amelia Grey.  

The Duke of Griffin is a honorable and responsible Nobleman who looks after his twin sisters, his extended family and everyone and everything in his purview.  He was not always a responsible Duke.  When he was younger he caroused with his friends.  Wine, Woman, Gambling, reckless wagers and mischief. The wager that he and his friends made brought ruin and scandal to the young ladies that debuted that year.  He and his fellow Dukes have never been able to live down the wager.  Someone is spreading rumors that his twin sisters should suffer for what he did years ago.

Esmeralda Swift runs an employment agency for governesses.  She takes care of her younger sister and barely makes ends meet.  The Duke of Griffin walks into the agency and demands that she be his sisters chaperone for the coming season.  They are instantly attracted to each other. The sensual pull between them is intense. He has never been this obsessed with a woman before.  She is off limits because she is in his employ.

The connection that forms between Griffin and Esmeralda is wonderful and is the core of this story.  Amelia's writing is witty and charming.  I smiled throughout this book.  I loved Esmeralda's little sister Josephine and her dog Napoleon who will make you laugh out loud.  This is also a emotionally fulfilling love story that brought me to tears.  I enjoyed this story very much and will look forward to the next book in this Series.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Blog Tour for A Lady's Code of Misconduct by Meredith Duran


Fifth in the Rules for the Reckless Series
By Meredith Duran
Pocket Books
Publication Date: February 28, 2017
ISBN: 9781501139024
Price: $7.99

Praise for A Lady’s Code of Misconduct:
“Political intrigue and conspiracies abound in Duran’s engrossing fifth Rules for the Reckless Victorian romance (after Luck Be a Lady), which boasts plot twists galore…Duran is at the pinnacle of her craft as she weaves together humor, forgiveness, and love in a flawlessly executed plot. Jane, Crispin, and the rest of the characters are all well drawn, and the love scenes strike the perfect balance of steamy and sweet. Each layer in the story is suspenseful and delightful, making this the best installment so far.”
Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

“A sham marriage, political intrigue, and a case of amnesia provide a backdrop for this absorbing Victorian romance. Although Duran (Luck Be a Lady, 2015, etc.) has written a novel as layered as an onion, the characters are well-drawn and the plot flawlessly executed. Add in some very steamy sex, and the fifth installment of Duran's Rules for the Reckless series can't help but delight. This book weaves its spell so thoroughly that the most fortunate reader will be the one who has time to read the entire thing in one sitting. A masterful tale of suspense, forgiveness, and love.”

“Political intrigue drives a captivating historical romance…This Regency romance, part of the Rules for the Reckless series, is a smart love story, peopled with complex and absorbing characters.”

“A riveting story.”
—Heroes and Heartbreakers

“A masterful author of historical romances…A Lady’s Code of Misconduct takes worn threads of old tropes, like amnesia and the tortured hero, and weaves them into a lush tapestry with sophisticated, beautiful writing. Crispin seems power-mad and Jane seems saintly, but as Duran slowly unravels their characters amidst a plot of intrigue, betrayal, and dark secrets, we discover they’re more alike than they (or we) realize. The hero is swoonworthy, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with Jane as his flaws shine a light on her own. The tale and characters so captivated me, that I literally couldn’t put it down.”
Omnivoracious Amazon Book Review by Sabrina Jeffries

“Thoughtfully written and the story creates not just a simple story of two people but an entire world for them to inhabit. If you like your historicals to have some meat to them, I highly recommend this one.”
—All About Romance

“Extremely relevant to our current political state…I could have easily sat and devoured this in one evening as each of the chapters seemed to end on a cliffhanger that just won't let you put the book down. Quill says: A Lady’s Code of Misconduct is the perfect book to sit in your favorite chair with and let the world pass by for a little while you get lost in the past.”
Feathered Quill

I absolutely love this series… Meredith writes intelligent characters with a fast paced plot.  Her writing is sensual, witty and totally captivating.  This book has everything you would want in a Historical Romance.   It is witty, sensual with a mystery that will keep you guessing to the very end. Crispin and Jane are extraordinary characters in a riveting story that will leave you wanting more.  The journey of Crispin and Jane to their HAE is fabulous.  I will read anything that Meredith writes.” 
—The Reading Wench

“A fun read. I enjoyed Duran’s characters and plot…there’s a villain who made me think of a Regency era James Bond villain.”

About the book:
USA TODAY  bestselling author Meredith Duran’s A LADY’S CODE OF MISCONDUCT is the fifth sizzling novel in the Rules for the Reckless series—a sexy and evocative Regency romance between a famous heiress and an infamous crime lord.


Trapped in the countryside, facing an unwanted marriage and the theft of her fortune, Jane Mason is done behaving nicely. To win her freedom, she’ll strike a deal with the most dangerous man she knows—a rising star in politics, whose dark good looks mask an even darker heart.


The bitter past has taught Crispin Burke to trust no one. He’ll gladly help a lovely young heiress, provided she pays a price. Yet when a single mistake shatters his life, it is Jane who holds the key to his salvation. And in a world that no longer makes sense, Crispin slowly realizes that she may be the only thing worth fighting for...

 About the author:
Meredith Duran is the author of ten previous novels, including The Duke of Shadows (winner of the First Chapters Romance Writing Competition); Wicked Becomes You (included on the Woman’s World List of Best Beach Reads for Summer 2010), and the USA TODAY bestseller and RITA Award Winner Fool Me Twice. She blames Anne Boleyn for sparking her lifelong obsession with British history, and for convincing her that princely love is no prize if it doesn’t come with a happily-ever-after. She enjoys collecting old etiquette manuals, guidebooks to nineteenth-century London, and travelogues by intrepid Victorian women. Visit her at, on Twitter @meredithduran and Facebook AuthorMeredithDuran.

Review of Convenient Proposal to the Lady by Julia Justiss

Another wonderful addition to the Hadley's Hellions Series.  I always believe in being honest in my reviews and I can say I did not like the heroine Lady Alyssa.  I thought she was selfish, stubborn and didn't appreciate the effort and sacrifice Benedict went to to save her reputation.  As with all of Julia's books by the time I was finished with this book I really liked her and was happy that she finally gave Benedict a chance to prove that he was an honorable gentleman who only had her happiness and well being in mind and heart.

If you have read any of the other books in this series you will love Ben's story.  If this is you first Julia Justiss book you will become a fan.  Of all the other Hadley Hellions I loved Ben the most.  Growing up a bastard who was ridiculed and insulted when he was younger, he grew up to be an extraordinary honorable man who took control of his life and made himself a place in a world that he could be proud of.

Lyssa survived being abused and insulted by her father and brother by losing herself in her passion for painting.  She has the idea that if she refuses to marry and creates a scandal that her father will finally relent and give her the money that her late Aunt left to her so she can leave her unhappy home and become independent.  She miscalculated the anger that her father would feel when she refuses to marry Ben.  He locks her in her room on bread and water with no fire for warmth or treatment for the injuries from the beating he gave her.

When Ben receives a letter from, he thought was from Alyssa saying that she changed her mind and will marry him he rushes to her home in the country to find a shadow of the fiery stubborn girl he admired.  After negotiating an agreement they marry.  Will Ben be able to keep his desire for her in check until she is ready to accept him?  Will Lyssa finally realize that Ben is a real hero who deserves her love?

If you follow my blog you know I do not do spoilers in my reviews.  Believe me it is worth the price to buy this book and read it for yourself.  Benedict Tawny is probably one of the best Historical Romance Heros ever, in my opinion.  Do not miss this one!!!

Received a complimentary copy for an hones review.

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Review of Charming Sir Charles by Anna Campbell

Charming Sir Charles is Book 5 in The Dashing Widows Series.  A wonderful novella that proves that no matter how long or short a book is you can always count on Anna Campbell to keep you intrigued and reading late into the night.  I finished this novella in one sitting.  I have read all of The Dashing Widows stories and have loved them all.

Sally Cowan is a widow who lived through a marriage that left her hurt, lonely and barren.  Her parents married her to a much older man when she was seventeen.  She despised her husband and was not heart broken when he died.  He spent more time in other woman's beds than her own.  The only thing she wanted out of her miserable marriage was a child and even that was denied her.  Heart broken she has decided that it is time to start living again and find herself a lover who can show her what she missed being married to a selfish bastard.  She is adamant that she will never marry again.

Sr. Charles is a bachelor who has finally found the woman he wants to spend his life with.  Unfortunately she doesn't seem to know he is alive.  He is a little younger than her but does not see it as an obstacle to his HAE.  He has no idea that Sally has no intention of being married again and has never loved any man. Charles has his work cut out for him, but he is determined to break through Sally's fear and show her how love can change her life.

I love the way that Anna makes her characters the story.  Even though a novella is a short novel Anna's stories are packed with a plethora of everything you want in a Historical Romance.  Her writing is witty, smart, and sexy.  Anna has made me laugh and cry while reading her books.  Her books are keepers and the best 99 cents you will ever spend.

Review of Mr. Ridley (A Whipping Society Novel) by Delilah Marvelle

Before I start a review of this book I have to let you know that some the subject matter in this book is not for the faint hearted.  I have read every book that Dellilah has written.  I think it is safe to say that I  consider myself her #1 Fan.  That does not mean I cannot be critical of her writing.  I will always be honest, I think this helps the author and the book I am reviewing.  That being said this book was exceptional on many levels.  Delilah writes at such a level that shows she respects her readers intelligence.  The subtle nuances in her descriptions, dialogue and characters sometimes make me go back and read a line or paragraph again to make sure I understood.  Now onto the story!!!

Evan Oswald Ridley is a complicated character that has so many layers that it will take more than one book to understand him and his motivations.  He is a hero who thinks he is in league with the devil.  He sees nothing good in the world and has taken on the responsibility of fighting evil and protecting the innocent.  He has a moral code that allows him to do anything he thinks will help solve a case or save a life.  That includes killing if he has to.

Jemdanee is 18 year old half cast girl who grew up on the streets of India.  Her mother was Indian and her father a British Officer.  She is pragmatic about life and how to survive in a world that consists of all the ills that befall the poor and homeless in her country.  She is an expert in the secrets of the natural world, meaning plants, medicines and poisons.  She is also a dreamer who sees nothing but good in Ridley, who has gotten her out of a London jail where she is accused of killing British citizens by poison.

Ridley helps Jemdanee out of jail so she can help him identify the poison that has killed two members of High Society.  He has never met anyone like her.  She is young, beautiful and full of life.  All he sees in the world he grew up in is death and destruction.  He doesn't want to like her and especially does not want to desire her.  She is unlike anyone he has ever met and she is getting through his defenses to the heart of why he is who he is.  He just wants her help in solving the murders than he will send her back where she came from with enough money to last a lifetime. 

This book is unlike a typical Historical will be a continuing story that will evolve over a number of books.  I am a dedicated Historical Romance reader who reads nothing but Historical Romance because I have to have HAE's.  I do not read Contemporary or any kind of Paranormal romance.  If you read this book be aware that it will not have a HAE.  There are very few authors that I will read in this kind of format. Delilah happens to be one of them.  Her writing is enthralling, her characters are exceptional and you will be captivated by the journey she takes you and them on.  I give this book 6 stars and recommend this book to anyone who loves a book that touches your heart and exercises your brain.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

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Blog Tour for Sinful Scottish Laird by Julia London

A young widow puts her sexy suitors to the test inNew York Times bestselling author Julia London’s scintillating return to the idyllic Scottish Highlands. 
Widowed and forced to remarry in three years’ time or forfeit her son’s inheritance, Daisy Bristol, Lady Chatwick, has plenty of suitors vying for her hand…and her fortune. But a letter from a long-lost love sends Daisy and her young son to her Scottish Highland estate to buy time for his return. Along the way she encounters the powerful Cailean Mackenzie, laird of Arrandale and a notorious smuggler, and she is utterly—though unwillingly—bewitched.
Cailean has no use for any Sassenach in his glen. But Daisy’s brazen, flirtatious nature and alluring beauty intrigue him. When her first love appears unexpectedly at her estate, Cailean knows that a passionate woman like Daisy cannot marry this man. And to prevent the union, Cailean must put his own life at risk to win her heart.
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About Julia London

Julia London is the New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author of more than thirty novels, including the popular Secrets of Hadley Green historical romance series, the Cabot Sisters historical romance series, and the Homecoming Ranch contemporary romance series. She is a six time finalist for the presitigous RITA Award for excellence in romantic fiction, and RT Bookclub award recipient for Best Historical Romance for Dangerous Gentleman. She lives in Austin, Texas.

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Wonderfully addictive, could not put it down.  Julia London is one of my go to Authors.  I have read all of her Historical Romances, they are all keepers.

This is the second book in the Highland Grooms Series.  Cailean is the son of Arran MacKenzie, who is the hero in the first book Hard-Hearted Highlander. 

Cailean is a Highlander to his core and wants nothing to do with any Sassenach woman.   He learned his lesson when he was a young man in England.  All English are treacherous, they have no loyalty.   Daisy is a young widow with a son.  Her late husband has put her in a difficult situation.  She must marry in three years or she will forfeit her son's inheritance.

Daisy decides to leave London to get away from the Fortune Hunters and travel to her late husband's lodge in Scotland.  Even before she reaches the lodge she encounters Cailean on the road when her carriage breaks down.  She has never seen a real Highlander before.  He is tall, rugged, handsome and exuding potent sexuality.  Cailean is wary of Daisy, she is beautiful, spirited and most defintely trouble.

So begins a splendid story that you will love.  Julia's writing is witty, intelligent, and her verse is smooth and the romance is irresistible.  Cailean and Daisy are complex characters that make this book an amazing read.
I highly recommend this book to Historical Romance readers everywhere.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

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Review of My Fair Duchess by Megan Frampton

This is the fifth book in the Dukes Behaving Badly Series.  I have read the first four and have really enjoyed all of them.  This one has a twist to it.  The heroine inherits the Title of Duchess from her father who has passed away.  This was very unusual at the time but not unheard of.  

Only Genevieve doesn't know how to be a Duchess.  She has lived her whole life at one of her father's estates surrounded by servants.  She barely knew her father.  The only love she ever received was from her faithful servants.  She knows that she has to learn how to become a Duchess because their are hundreds of people that depend on her for their livelihoods.  So she writes to her Aunt Sophia to ask for help.  Her Aunt responds by sending her man of business to help Genevieve.  She is expecting an old man with whiskers and a pot belly.  What she gets is a remarkable good looking man who is any young lady's dream of a Hero.

Archie Salisbury is the son of a Viscount and an ex-soldier who has found purpose in his life after the Army by serving as a Man of Business.   His employer is sending him to her cousin the Duchess to help her straighten out her estates and help her negotiate Society.  Archie is immediately attracted to Genevieve but he knows that she is far above his touch.  He is estranged from his family and has to make a living.

As Archie helps Genevieve learn and guide her through her responsibilities and expectations of being a Duchess he finds himself falling for her.  He knows that she is an innocent and has spent no time in Society with eligible men but he cannot seem to help himself around her.  As they grow closer to each other it becomes harder and harder to resist each other.  Genevieve has fallen in love and wants Archie for her own but will his honor stop him from having Genevieve?

This story was refreshing in that the woman was in the position of power and her social status was above the mans.  Both Archie and Genevieve were unusual in that their positions of rank were not the norm.  The letters at the beginning of every chapter were very witty.  I really enjoyed them.  This is a lovely story that takes you on a journey of discovery, a little chaos, with a sensual element to it.  Megan's writing is pure joy and I look forward to her next book.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review. 

Review of Passion Favors The Bold by Theresa Romain

The second book in the Royal Rewards Series is a light hearted fun read with a witty heroine and a handsome, funny and dedicated hero.

This book is about Georgette Frost who has lived and worked in a bookstore her whole life.  She is a avid reader of romantic novels and day dreams of a handsome prince to rescue her from her daily boring life. When she gets her chance to escape she takes it and gets her Prince, but she doesn't see him as her savior. He is Lord Hugo Starling, the youngest son of a duke who defies his parents and becomes a Doctor instead of going into the Clergy.  When Georgette makes her escape she does it in men's clothing.  She has a plan.  Find her brother who is hunting for a trove of stolen gold sovereigns and join him.  Hugo is trying to find financing for his plans for a new Hospital, but he cannot let Georgette travel alone.  She talks him into taking her to find her brother and the adventure begins.

I really enjoy Theresa's writing.  It is unique, witty and romantic.  Her characters have their share of flaws, but they do not consume them and control their lives.  Their imperfections make them strive to find happiness and not wallow in misery.  Georgette and Hugo are made for each other and as the story progresses you will be enchanted by their love story.  Do they find the gold, will Hugo get to build his hospital?  Has Georgette found her Prince?  You will have to find out for yourself.  This is a great book that is a must read.

Received a complimentary copy from the Publisher for an honest review.