Saturday, November 25, 2017

Review of A Duke in Shining Armor by Loretta Chase

What kind of Romance do you get when you combine a tipsy runaway bride and one of the Dukes known as the Dis-Graces?  A wonderfully witty, laugh out loud, tear-jerking love story that is classic amazing Loretta Chase.  This is book one in a new series by Loretta that I did not want to put down and was sad when it ended.  

Hugh, Duke of Ripley is one of three Dukes that Society calls the Dis-graces.  They are unruly scandal causing Gentleman that cause trouble wherever they go.  Now one is getting married and it is Ripley's job to get him to the wedding on time and preferably sober.  Ironically the Duke is on time but the bride has bolted.  Now Ripley must track her down and get her back.  Sounds pretty simple, but in the span of four days, things get out of control and hysterical.

Lady Olympia is getting married, to a Duke no less.  For seven years she has been voted the most Boring Girl of the Season.  Pretty, not beautiful and shapely, she uses her brain and her passion is books.  Not what the Gentleman of the Ton wants in a wife.  Unfortunately for the Groom, Olympia gets a hold of a flask of brandy and decides that she doesn't want to marry this particular Duke.  In her Brandy induced state, she decides to run away and enlists the help of the groom's best friend.

Mayhem ensues when Hugh and Olympia go on a journey that will change their whole lives.  I loved Ripley and Olympia, they are strong, intelligent and compliment each other perfectly.  Loretta writes amazing stories that take you away to another world that you will never want to leave.  This is a keeper and I will be buying a paperback addition to add to my Loretta Chase collection so I may read it over and over again.

Received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Review of The Duke Who Came To Town by Sophie Barnes

The third book in the Honorable Scoundrels Series is as wonderful as the previous two.  This novella features the oldest Potter sister Josephine.  She is a splendid heroine, an example of a woman who is determined to make a better life for herself and her sisters.  The men in her family have not been the best at providing for the future.  She is passionate, intelligent and fiercely independent. 

Devon, the Duke of Snowden is doing a favor for a friend. Checking on the Potter sisters to let them know their new guardian is going to support them and help ease their way back into Society. Being a Duke all his adult life he doesn't understand what he said that made her angry and rude.  He just wants to give her money and a new place to live.  

Josephine is livid, how dare he come into her home and demand she accept his money and sponsorship into Society.  She doesn't need any help, especially from an arrogant,  overbearing man, even if he is a Duke.  

Sophie has done it again.  The story of the last Potter sister is a perfect example of why I read Historical Romance.  Witty, Fiesty, Intelligent characters that you will love.  Sizzling romance with hot sexual tension and a love for a lifetime.  I really, really enjoyed this Series and highly recommend Sophie's books.