Thursday, January 11, 2018

Review of The Duke of Her Desire by Sophie Barnes

Book 2 in the Diamonds in the Rough Series is a lovely read full of action, mystery, witty banter and a beautiful love story.  Amelia and Thomas are strong intelligent characters that you will love.  Sophie's characters are wonderfully complex.  They will stay with you long after you have finished this book.

Amelia is a lovely young woman who has definite ideas about how she is going to live her life.  She will only marry for love and will not accept a man who will oppose her dream of opening a school for poor children in St. Giles.  She has known hardship and despair and wants to give the poor a chance to rise above their station and live a life where they can find a craft and support themselves and their families.  

Thomas is the Duke of Coventry who has secrets and has experienced his own fair share of sorrow.  His life is complicated and he has no time for a wife, he is not ruling it out, but he has other issues that have to be his priority.

When Amelia's brother asks Thomas to keep an eye on his sisters Thomas agrees, thinking it will not be hard to do his friend this favor.  After all his mother would love to have two beautiful young ladies to introduce to the ton and help find them husbands.   You what they say about best-laid plans.  

Amelia has been secretly in love with Thomas since she met him.  She also knows that she is not good enough to marry him.  He must marry someone equal to his station.  So she keeps her love a secret.  As Thomas helps her with her project for the children they grow to be friends.  Amelia has no idea that Thomas is having trouble keeping his hands off her, but he knows that she wants marriage and that is something he cannot do.

When accidents start to happen at the school she is renovating Thomas suspect foul play and will do anything to keep Amelia safe.  There are many facets to this story that make it a compelling read from the first paragraph to the last.  Sophie is a very talented writer and you will be swept into the fabulous world she has created in this book, leaving you wanting more.  No worries, there is still another sister who needs her HAE, stay tuned

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