Saturday, February 10, 2018

Review of A Devil In Scotland by Suzanne Enoch

Book Three of No Ordinary Hero Series is now one of my favorites, right up there with "London's Perfect Scoundrel" which is my all-time favorite of her books.  

Callum MacCreath is simply amazing, he has everything you would want in a Highlander.  He is handsome, sexy, honorable, loyal and has a heart of gold.  He has returned to Scotland after ten years after he learns that his brother is dead.  They say Ian drowned, but he knows that can't be what happened and he will not stop until he finds out who killed his brother and bring true highland justice knowing that to get his vengeance that he will probably lose his own life in the process.  When he arrives at his brother's home he discovers that he has a niece and he knows that he will have to stay alive to protect her and his brother's widow, so he will have to get his vengeance without dying.

Becca MacCreath cannot believe that Callum is back.  They were childhood friends who were inseparable until she agreed to marry Ian,  Callum left and was presumed dead, since he never answered any of Ian's letters or the lawyers after Ian died.   Becca doesn't know what to make of the Callum who is back. When she saw him last, 10 years ago, he was an irresponsible young man who drank and whored.  She can't believe that Ian was killed and when Callum tells her the truth, she will do anything to protect her daughter and help Callum bring the murderers to justice.

What I really loved about Callum was as soon as he met little 6-year-old Margaret he immediately became her protector and she wrapped him around her little finger.  He was so loving and tender with her that you couldn't help smile as he realized all the ways that "bug" as he called her changed his life, and opened his heart to her and Becca.  Callum and Becca are perfect for each other and as their feelings for each other grow stronger and stronger they realize that until they make the murderers to justice their lives are on hold.

Becca and Callum are wonderful characters that deserve their happiness and Suzanne writes a truly wonderful love story that will leave you aching for more.  I really loved this book and I think that you will too.  I highly recommend this book. 

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