Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Review of The Hellion by Christi Caldwell

The end of a great Series leads right into a new Series.  We have met the Hero and Heroine in The Sinful Brides Series and now The Wicked Wallflowers begins with Adair Thorne and Cleopatra Killoran.

Adair and Cleo's families have always been enemies.  They both run gaming hells in St. Giles.  They both grew up in the dangerous streets in the worst neighborhood in London.  They learned that to survive you will do anything, beg, steal and even kill if they had to.  They have endured physical and mental torture, horrors that would make any child that grew up in a loving environment impossible to imagine.

One night Cleo saves a member of Adair's family.  The rivals agree to a truce.  No more spying on each other and trying to ruin each other's clubs.  Part of the bargain is for one of the Killoran sisters to be introduced to Society by Adair's brother, Viscount Ryker Black.

Now that his three brothers and one sister are happily married (The Sinful Bride Series), Adair takes care of the daily running of the Hell and Sin Club.  When a fire damages the Hell he automatically blames the Killorans. At the same time, Cleo has been sent to Black's home to be launched into Society and find and marry a nobleman.

Adair doesn't trust any Killoran and wants nothing to do with Cleo, and of course, he has been charged with keeping an eye on her.  Both Cleo and Adair are strong, stubborn and loyal,  as well as not trusting each other.  Nevertheless the more time they spend with each other they discover that not only were they wrong about each other, they actually liked one another and enjoyed their time together.  Both feeling guilty that they are betraying their families by their feelings, they cannot seem to stop.

The mystery of who set the fire will change everything and the secret that Cleo has kept to herself all her life could destroy any feelings that Adair has for her.  No spoilers in my reviews.  You will have to read this marvelous start to a new Series by Christi.

I am always amazed how Christi writes such beautiful stories at the pace she releases books.  She has a natural talent that is truly magnificent.  Everything about this book is enthralling.  I love her characters, they are flawed and damaged individuals that she takes on the journey of their lives and they come out stronger than ever.   Having read all four books in The Sinful Brides Series this is an outstanding beginning into this new Series.

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