Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Review of a Match Made in Bed (A Spinster Series Novel) by Cathy Maxwell

A lovely new book by Cathy Maxwell.  She knows what her readers love in Historical Romance and she delivers her best every time.

Two captivating characters both looking for a match,  Miss Cassandra Holwell and Lord Soren York, the Earl of Dewsberry.  She is an heiress and he needs to marry money to save his estate.

Cassandra and Soren were neighbors when they were young.  Without being aware, Soren broke Cassandra's heart and she has hated him ever since.  He doesn't understand why she is avoiding him, they used to be friends.  If he could just get some time with her, he can convince her that they would be good together.  She would prefer to marry almost anybody but him.  Then they are caught together in what looks like a secret tryst, which is not what it looks like, they are forced to get married.

After the wedding, Soren goes to her father's house to sign the necessary paperwork to transfer her dowry only to find out that it is all gone, every penny.  Soren is angry but he realizes that there is nothing to be done about it and is resolved to make his estate prosperous and it just might take more time than he first thought, but with Cassandra's help they will get through it.  Cassandra is devastated and wants to end the marriage.  Soren does not and the battle begins.  She wants to stay in London, he needs to go back to his estate to try and figure out how to keep the moneylenders at bay.  Can they find happiness with little or no money?

On her wedding night, Soren opens her eyes to what is the most beautiful experience of her life.  She has become a wanton who wants nothing more than to stay in bed with Soren.  Sometimes the title of a book is confusing,  how did the Author come up with it, but this book has the perfect title, it is truly A Match Made In Bed!

I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next in the series.  Cathy is a talented storyteller and I have all of her books, they are keepers to read again and again.

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