Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Review of My Daring Duchess by Julie Johnstone

A lovely new romance by Julie Johnstone.  This is book four in The A Once Upon a Rogue Novels.  I am going to have to go back and read the first three.  I really enjoy Julie's writing.

The book opens with a meeting of The Sisterhood for the Ruination of Rogues.  Four Wallflowers that have been ruined by men of the Ton.  The leader of this group of young ladies is Anne Adair, an American who is the grand-daughter of the Duke of Rowan.  Anne met and foolishly gave her innocence to a rogue who refused to do the right thing and marry her.  Now, these young ladies are on a mission to unmask the men before they ruin other young ladies.   Anne is much wiser now than when she thought she was in love and wants nothing to do with the man who took her virginity.   She is a wealthy heiress and knows that any man would overlook her lost innocence to get their hands on her dowry.

Simon Sedgwick, Duke of Kilmartin is back in London for the first time in years.  He was banished by his grandfather when he was 18 for something he did not do and is not comfortable in his new title or in England.  He blames his grandfather for the death of his parents and for almost having to watch his sisters starve.   In Scotland he works himself almost to death but he makes his fortune and now he is back in England to seek vengeance for his sisters and his dead parents.

The Duke of Rowan had accused Simon of ravishing his ward Lady Mary and demand that he marry her.  Simon swore that he had not touched Lady Mary, but the Duke of Rowan and his friend, Simon's grandfather did not believe him.  When Simon was threatened with imprisonment he still insisted that he did not seduce Lady Mary.  That is when he was sent back to Scotland with no money and had to watch his ill mother die because he had no money for medicine or a doctor and watch his younger sisters almost starve to death.

He can't make his grandfather pay but he sees the perfect way to get his revenge on the Duke of Rowan.  Ruin his granddaughter. She is a beautiful woman and he was going to really enjoy his revenge.  Unbeknownst to him Anne is handicapped and has so far kept her disability a secret.  Once Simon and Anne start spending time together their feelings for each other grow strong very quickly.  When Anne admits her handicap, Simon doesn't care and even helps her overcome it.

Lady Mary is dealt with and Anne and Simon get their HAE.  I loved both Anne and Simon.  Two strong and stubborn individuals who make a great couple. They both try to hide their light under a bush but they are truly wonderful and kind and made for each other.  Julie is a talented romance writer and I definitely recommend this book.

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